Monday, 10 May 2010

Just the next stage of infection

The death of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid is not a case of irresponsible parenting, over-adventurous teen or trigger happy police. It is not.

In this country, particularly in small towns, you will see people riding motorcycles without helmet. Some of them are so young, even riding bicycle would be a challenge. But they are riding motorbikes. It’s against the law. But no one gives shit.

In this country, in big cities, you will see people breaking traffic rules like nobody’s business. Worse when it is peak hour traffic jams. Jumping lights, cutting queue, going into emergency lanes, going against traffic-flow, all against the law. But no one gives a shit. Did I mention double park?

In this country, you will see people caught with their pants down (no pun intended) on camera; or saying many correct correct correct things, also on camera. There can even be a Royal Commission (wooaah!!). They were seemingly nailed by the balls, but yet their balls are seemingly untouchable. And of course, no one gives a shit.

It used to be MYR20 duit kopi to “settle-sini”, then MYR1,000 for a hammer and MYR1m for a contract. It evolved magnificently MYR12b for a certain Port Klang Free Zone.

So now, from kids riding motorbikes, we have kids driving cars. So now, from jumping lights, we have cars hitting other vehicle and run. So now, from people going correct correct correct, we have guns going bang bang bang.

Gee… the nation is surprised? Engkau datang dari planet mana?

If you have been reading all related stories, you will realise that the guns have been going bang bang bang for a long time already. Just that we don’t give a shit.

You know this thing called cancer. You have different stages. If it is not detected and treated during its initial stage, it will most certainly get worse. If continued to be ignored, it will most definitely kill.

This country is infected with cancer, and this cancer has developed into the next stage. It has been for a while now, just that we don’t give a shit.

I told my some of my friends… in 20 years time, if some son of some connected datuk or tan sri laid eyes on their daughters and decided that she is a good pussy for a quick fuck. He can just drag her to the roadside, fuck the shit out of her, and there is nothing you can do about it. They said I was exaggerating.

Well, 20 years ago, if you tell the folks then that guys can be sent flying out of windows or guns going bang bang bang and justice will not be served. They will probably say that you are exaggerating too.

So the death of 15-year-old Aminulrasyid is not a case of irresponsible parenting, over-adventurous teen or trigger happy police. It’s the next stage of cancer. And it will progress to the next stage in 10 or 20 years time.

But of course, you don’t need to give a shit about it because … yes… the nasi lemak, bak-kut-teh and char-kuey-teow are still good.

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Anonymous said...

For the first time in a long time, I can actually sense some anger in you. But you hit the nail on the head. I also tell people, if one day you accidentally bang into some VIP's car and he shoots you, you might not be guaranteed justice. That is why independent police and judiciary are important to this country. Of cuz, fall on deaf ears la. Register to vote also lazy.

Anonymous said...

yup.... malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

Is anybody aware of the plans to build a nuclear plant??

Click or copy/paste on the link above. It's not reported in MSM but you type Malaysia in Google News, that's one of the first few headlines that come up. It's reported by many foreign press, including Bloomberg, Canadian Press etc, but I fail to see it even in alternative media sites of Malaysia.

Nobody has cried foul. In fact, I don't think anybody gives a crap.
But I don't know if people are truly aware how disastrous can this get. One small mistake by some fella who decides to cut corners in the name of CORRUPTION and the whole town/ city is wiped out. Think CHERNOBYL.

When other countries are striving to cut down on nuclear power, like US and other bigger countries, they even had a recent nuclear summit held in Washington, our dearest Malaysia decides to build one.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hi, I totally agree and really it itsn't about irresponsible parenting, as you say! :)

Which parent out there gives his child the green light to go driving without a licence? Come on!

Yet, today's headlines in one of the MSM appear to convey this message.

I wrote about this too because we need to remember mistakes, in order not to make them again.

Your take is very interesting and relevant.

I loved it!

blackjack said...

welcome back zewt, it has been a long while since you last share such insights. cut down on those funny stuff and more on this, you might just be the next YB lol!

eiling lim said...

i knew you would write about this. It's true... thing sare getting out of hand and into the limelight. Our police are crap as always. They only know how to twist and turn stories into their own defence.

zewt said...

anon @ 10/5 1.19am - honestly, i am more angry at ignorant malaysians than the govt. our brains are located in the stomach. and shit is our product.

anon @ 10/5 1.33am - sigh.

anon @ 10/5 5.18am - yeah, it seems that they wanna keep this under wraps. it's in 2025, by that time, those ppl receiving contract to build the damn thing would have been gone already.

Estrelita - well, not many can see things the way it should be seen. that is why i think this country is pretty hopeless.

blackjack - i will be ISA-ed before that.

eiling lim - would love to hear your view too.

doc said...

wah, Zewt, you sure know how to hit it nice & proper - like the gun that goes bang, bang, bang!

i'm certain this scenario is already playing in our minds, except that no one expresses it as vividly as you do.

(no wonder you got so many awards!)

InjusticeSistem said...

Orgasmic aint it?

deus X machina said...

bolehland..everything is boleh!!!

Faisal Admar said...

not only in malaysia, what about UN? :) can they stop USA from attacking any country they want?

cancer. hmm, hopefully it's not stage 3 in malaysia. if it is, the best thing we do is save the leftover meats to other country :)

InjusticeSistem said...

Faisal Admar:
Uncle Sam aka USA corrupt collude n conquer other countries as they see fit to mk USA a superpower n also to keep their citizen rich....


Bolehland politician collude n corrupt with other countries to rape n plunder Bolehland's natural resources n citizen,to keep themselves rich n powerful...submarine deal with french company is a good example..

If i were to mk a choice,i prefer uncle sam least we will be big bully superpower instead of being bullied by our own politcian.....Jaguh Kampung mentality here,our politician kow tow to spore china even indonesia n only know how to bully n kill our children burn our temple stop our kids from gg to skool etc etc....
Maybe da best thg tat can happen to Bolehland is to hv Uncle Sam attack us....den maybe den....all bolehland citizen will unite irregardless of race/religion...exactly like da message of dat movie Watchmen

Terra Shield said...

Oh wow.. that's an excellent post, Zewt... we're in trouble, man.

zewt said...

doc - the bang bang bang scenario? hehe..

InjusticeSistem - damn!

deus X machina - memang pun.

Faisal Admar - the doctors for the countries said... i wont make a difference lah.

InjusticeSistem - spot on... uncle sam is doing everything to ensure US supremacy is preserves, we on the other hands...sigh.

terra shield - and trouble will be spelt with a capital T soon.

MKL said...

That's one of the strongest posts you've written lately. Kudos to you.

gina said...

This will be the last time - Please leave my nasi lemak alone!

eiling lim said...

hehe I don't really write much about controversial news nowadays. Just too depressing. But I like to read yours. hehe

zewt said...

MKL - glad i still have the strength :)

gina - plenty to go around lah...

eiling lim - join the depression mah... lol!

Anonymous said...

by virtue of ur article, if everyone is taking the same opinion tht the police force is wrong, then dun expect the police to shoot robbers or suspected robbers harming you coz everytime they shoot, someone makes noise. like the IGP said, they can just take polcie of the road. Let the Mat Rempits FLY!!!

zewt said...

anon @ 21/5 11.52am - when someone is wrong, someone is wrong... regardless of whether that someone is thief or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the cops have erred in judgement. A speeding car ignoring repeated warning's not go thru that again. What's an issue here is that if this case is against the cops, then this will probaly deter the cops from firing guns and the those scumbags can roam free knowing that cops are restricted by laws not to fire them and the cops are always at the skewed scrutinization of some citizens.