Sunday, 25 April 2010

A very sad day

Money talks bullshit walks.

You can choose to play by the rules but the won’t.

Results matter, not the passion shown on facebook status updates.

Promising RM3m! Talk about open bribery.

Somehow, I feel this particular one is significant.

I see no hope…

But then again, do we deserve hope?


Anonymous said...

get real .both side were playing dirty,and the dirtest won ,that's all to it.

Terra Shield said...

If this is what i think it is about, I feel the same. Tis a sad day :(

InjusticeSistem said...

aiya y so sad? dis result is just to re-confirm that da rakyat accept corruption, da gomen just simply supply $$$ is da rakyat tat is corrupted not da gomen....

sabrina said...

Very sad indeed! I really thought they would lose!!!! But i guess one should never underestimate the power of money!

day-dreamer said...

We deserve hope. Just that they don't give it to us.

Anonymous said...

bribery & corruption :-
PM, give our chinese school in HS the 3million rm you promised if bn won & we have voted your chosen calun mr.kamal ...we r coming 2moro !

tomatoinc said...

zewt, we all should get our reps to all die or resign in some way - and then have a strong by-elections. I wonder how many Rm87millions they can have. :D plus, all these are janji kosong only lah. lol. stupid people deserve stupid leaders/nation. hail democracy!

eiling lim said...

of course we deserve to have hope. Everyone does.

pharmalogik said...

although bribery is wrong, i believe some of them will think it is better take the money first, get all the developments that they needed and yet they can choose again in 2011/2012 GE. One to 2 years time is not very long.

where can u will get funds for chinese school if there is no by election?

there is still hope. cheers.

Sapphire Dragon said...

I won't send my kids to that school cuz its tainted with the vile of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Indian folks, congrats , you have helped bn winning this buy-election,
pls dun complain anymore against umno & perkasa & mamaks if ...IF destroy your temples or ....!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Zewt for making readers of your blog think!

Melisa said...

I agree 100%. "Money talks, b*s* walks" is a universal issue.

Those who live with integrity deserve hope, and when Heaven sends some recompense the other camp shouldn't be complaining.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.39am ,With that racist comment of yours, who needs enemies.

pharmalogik said...

sapphire dragon,

have u ever stand or sit on floor in the class becoz u dont have a any chair to sit?

have u ever been into a class without ceiling fan becoz the school still finding someone to sponsor a fan?

have u ever go around the school to scout for any 3 legged chair or any empty chair so at least u have a seat during class?

this happen in my school. Not primary school, but during my form 6 class. Haha..

SK said...

It's a choice. If you're feeling hopeless, nothing much you can do and at the same time, not ready to do anything, by all means, please migrate, otherwise, ask yourself what you've contributed to this country.

I might sound blunt, but think about it. :-)

Anonymous said...

What is there left to do for this country apart from migrate?
You want to stay and fight? By all means go. Just be prepared that you are willing to sacrifice 'till the end, even if that means getting locked up in ISA.
If people like Mandela can do it, I expect people who say they want to fight for this country to have that same amount of tenacity.

If people can't handle a bit of criticism about this country, then Malaysia is not ready for democracy.

Stormsea7 said...

I don't really understand the despair...perhaps cos im only 18

the way i sees it is that "OPEN-DAYLIGHT-BRIBERY" smack right on the buy-election results

Even now, news of this flares in the cyberspace. Tales and stories of corruption fuels it even more.

In matter of days, criticism and accusations would be fired. In matter of weeks, the entire nation, from the lowly street sweeper to the high ranking CEO, would be talking and "dissecting" it. In matter of months, at least half the of the cyberspace(or blog sphere) would have some articles(posts) related to it.

Is it that hard to see it?

It's like thugs fighting with a rival gang in a street filled with CCTV and witnesses, in broad daylight. Lots of damage done. And they win in the end. Yay! Victory!!! Hurray!

Then? well, prison!

Again, is it that hard to see it?

The government basically just said "My walls are crumbling. Come attack me"

My goodness, the government spent RM64 million just on some 40k voter. Imagine the nation combined!

And to think "soldiers" are thinking to retreat after losing a "platoon"

Ever heard of the saying, "You may have won the battle, but not the war!"?

Stormsea7 said...

the "smell" of desperation is so damn freaking thick in the air, "thicker" than our infamous haze

those lamenting it and thinking of giving up deserved to be "screwed"!

deus X machina said...

zewt u should read this

i like this post mortem...

Anonymous said...

it's an uphill task, if not impossible to correct the wrongdoings of the gov of 1Msia. All of us deserve hope, certainly....but not so sure on Felda ppl of Hulu Selangor. well, majority voters do not realise that the votes they cast will impact their future generation. we have to be long sighted.

what can we do, u ask. well, if u can't migrate, just stay back n be depressed. nothing much can be done. those who managed to leave the country, pls count ur blessings.


zewt said...

anon @ 25/4 10.50pm - guess we deserve all dirtiness then.

Terra Shield - sigh...

InjusticeSistem - just like nike sake... just du-it.

sabrina - i never, just underestimate the amount.

day-dreamer - sometimes, we need to grap it from the air.

anon @ 26/4 2.30pm - and he gave... and the press showed it in full glory.

tomatoinc - not everyone believe so though... sigh...

zewt said...

eiling lim - hmmm... are we doing enough to deserve it?

pharmalogik - for the HS folks, i guess that's all that matters.

Sapphire Dragon - hahaha... you are in johor... :P

anon @ 26/4 10.39am - analysis said, 50% of them voted pr, they deserve a chance.

anon @ 26/4 10.42am - always a pleasure.

Melisa - and we shall all wait for Heaven to act :)

anon @ 26/4 3.28pm - :)

zewt said...

SK - what i have contributed? i vote.

anon @ 26/4 5.32pm - yeah, ppl here cant handle criticism. though some are non constructive, some just cant handle them.

Stormsea7 - i certainly hope so, and i think the whole nation are really waiting for the war. however, i think we may not be as strong as we perceie we are. i think we overestimated ourselves in certain aspects.

deus X machina - thanks bro.

anon aka leeta - like what rpk said, different ppl are voting for different times. we are a nation and yet, we are not a nation.

MKL said...



No hope...

zewt said...

MKL - hmmm... me no read mate :P