Monday, 19 April 2010

Together for tigers

I remember my A-levels economics lecturer once told the class that one day, mankind will have to go to the museum to see how leaves look like. Yes, that green product of nature which we lay our eyes on everyday may well one day be a specimen in the museum in the name of economic development.

But that “one day” has not reached yet, though it is not very far away.

The same cannot be said about tigers though. Traditionally, we do need to head to the zoo to catch a glimpse of this magnificent creature. But with their numbers dwindling to only about 500 in the Malaysian wilderness, they may soon disappear even from our zoo.

As Malaysians, we have all read or heard about tiger attacks in the country within the last decade. While lives have been lost, we cannot deny the fact that the destruction of tigers’ natural habitat is the sole reason why they need come out and hunt for us. Our action ultimately led to the lost of lives of our kind, ironic isn’t it?

Mother nature certainly needs a huge dose of replenishment in many areas. But for this week, A.Z.A.I.G. proclaims full support for Tiger Blogfest 2010 – an initiative to create awareness for this beautiful mammal called tigers. Let us do all that we can, as insignificant as it may be, to collectively put an effort in the preservation of our tigers.

Our tigers is our heritage and we must do our part in ensuring that our children will have the privilege to see this creatures with their own eyes and not via a google image search.

Malaysians – together for tigers.

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bp said...

Hi Zewt, thanks for coming by earlier, i popped over but my router was down and could not leave you a comment then.

That's a nice "save the big cats" post u have there. Incidentally, the family and I caught the Tigers exhibit in a zoo at Tacoma, outside of Seattle, in Feb. The exhibit was part of the awareness efforts, and think at least 3 tiger species have already gone extinct.

d'enricher said...

Hi tiger Blogfest 2010 member.

On my way visiting all those who participate, learning about tiger and people.

Nice entry.

Terra Shield said...

Is it open for anyone to join? I have a big soft spot for tigers.

Huei said...

Nice! but what exactly is tiger blogfest 2010 ar? just some stupid blog marketing technique or something genuine ar? paiseh..i dont' seem to trust blogs nowdays..usually filled with stupid false ads >.<

wilykat said...

Huei, for more information about Tiger BlogFest, go to . Its initiated by a fellow blogger who is concerned about our tiger status. If you check it out, you can definitely see that it is not a 'stupid marketing technique' to get people to help save Malayan tigers.

eiling lim said...

I think it's really important to save the Malaysian tigers. Thanks for sharing.

jam said...

Not only tigers, but all living animals and plants.

zewt said...

bp - hello there... thanks for dropping by too.

d'enricher - hi there... thanks :)

terra shield - think it was open for a week... close now. but then again, why let that stop u?

huei - no lah.

wilykat - hi there... thanks for that :)

eiling lim - not just tigers, but everything else.

jam - my sentiments exactly.