Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Salient points from a good HS by-election post

A very big thank you to deus X machina for pointing me to this particular blog which painted what is arguably the best summary of the recent Hulu Selangor by-election. Ribuan terima kasih. Kalau ada lagi rencana sedemikian, jangan segan nak beritahu Zewt.

I sent the link of the post to a few friends and they all agreed with what was said. But because that post is written in BM, some of my friends couldn’t fully comprehend it. And I know from my
previous BM entries that many of us have returned our command of the BM language to our teachers.

Not me though (~smirk~), and hence, I shall zewtinise some salient points of
that post in English here…

Zaid Ibrahim (“ZI”) is a good candidate, but he was the wrong candidate for HS. He would be perfect if the by-election was in Bangsar or Damansara Heights. But for HS, he was the wrong candidate. He failed to assimilate with the folks of HS and like how the writer puts it, the selection of ZI failed to address the psychological and sociological elements in HS.

We all know ZI is a highly intellectual person with a rich flavour of corporate background. Unfortunately, only urbanites are able to appreciate this. For the majority of HS folks who are mainly Felda settlers (i.e. farmers), a high flying founder of a major legal firm means nothing to them. No offence.

Apparently, a friend of the writer said that ZI couldn’t really verbally string together a full sentence in BM. His type of BM is more suited for people in Bangsar, Damansara or TTDI, the type of BM which uses “I / you / can / goodbye” instead of “saya / engkau / boleh / jumpa lagi”.

Kamalanathan (“KML”) on the other hand, has a background closer to the HS folks. Yes, there were allegations that his credentials were questionable. But then again, do you think the HS folks give a shite about whether he has a degree or otherwise? In the first place, many HS folks don’t even have internet access to view the articles that questioned KML’s credentials.

And KML demonstrated humility in his dressing. ZI walked around as though he was a minister while KML was amongst the people – walking, talking and wearing clothes just like them. Like it or not, it does pose a huge psychological advantage.

Next, the issues brought up by the candidates too made the difference.

Apparently, ZI was talking about the infamous national issues such as submarines which can’t dive, stolen jet engines, Mongolian girl, etc. Again, no disrespect to HS folks, but how many of them actually appreciates these issues? Some supposedly intellectual urbanites don’t even give a shite about these topics, and you expect the HS folks to? Get real!

This brings me to a point which has been stuck in my mind for a while now. We read so many wonderfully and intellectually written pieces, all written with stupendous English incorporating deep analysis using sophisticated words – the question is: How many of the Malaysian population actually comprehend that? The truth is, a big portion of the Malaysian population do not really comprehend English that well. And most of those who do understand, they have migrated.

Another good example – you know those community message in the radio asking people not to ride motorbikes recklessly? Those done by Valentino Rossi and the other dunno-what’s-his-name guy? It’s stupid and a waste of money. How many mat-rempits understand English? And… how many motorbikes got radio?

KML on the other hand, spoke about schools, temples, farming, the state of oil palm trees and like what writer mentioned – “un-flush-able toilets”. These are the things which are close to the HS folks’ heart.

If you are trying to hit on a 17-year-old girl, bring her to evening dinner galas to meet with elites of society will most probably scare her off. Instead, regular trips to the movies or a quick get-away to Port Dickson may just do the trick.

There are more good points and enlightening issues highlighted in that post, but I think what I summarised is good enough. The writer opined (and I agree with him) that Pakatan needs to re-assess their strategy. Just like how in the corporate world, you need to prepare your presentation based on your target audience. That’s reality, that’s politics.

Last but not least, I would like to translate the writer’s superb final line…

“If this is how Pakatan campaign in election, believe me – their dream to form federal govt in the coming 13-GE is same as my dream to ejaculate on the face of Leah Dizon.”

P/S: Terima kasih
Holden Caulfield atas ilham yang diterima dari tulisan saudara.

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deus X machina said...

no problem zewt.....

flaminglambo said...

I was in deep thought until I got to the bit about Leah Dizon. POOF!!! Train of thought gone. The other head took over and reminded me why I'm really on the net.

On a serious note, I completely agree on what has been said.

Sapphire Dragon said...

Yup, its the wrong choice of candidate. Zaid Ibrahim has more national stature but can't form the vital connection between the FELDA settlers. To take note, the Chinese did vote overwhelmingly for Pakatan. I suppose the majority of Chinese who live there are also not urbanites...but they ditched BN nonetheless. Chinese pay more attention towards national issues while the Malays and Indians pry on bread and butter issues. And I just read today that Ibrahim Ali asks UMNO not to build that RM3 million chinese primary school because the Chinese did not appreaciate BN's gesture. WTF!

Holden Caulfield said...

Haha..I guess Leah Dizon is a great example for a slacker,grungy type of guy like me to dream..kah kah kah!

By the way my name is Nami.

day-dreamer said...

The writer has really good points... and thanks for summarizing it in English. :D

Pakatan is not dumb; they should wake up.

CiNDi said...

The good but sad issue is that this is true in a sense. The residents of Hulu Selangor care more about their welfare than the focus on what can their MP do on the Parliament. To them, it's alright as long as Kamalanathan is friendly to them, but not alright because (at least for urbanites) Zaid Ibrahim seemed to make a more promising candidate in the Parliament.

If this is how PR campaigns, yeah, their dreams to recapture the government will be like how the writer described it. But if PR had to resort to that level, that spells the end of real intelligence or real awareness for issues in any sense for Malaysia at all. Unfortunately, I find that quite sad.

This is a good read though: What is an MP? Do we really know what do MPs do in Parliament?



UnkaLeong said...

Interesting point mooted by the writer. I hope that PR does a better job of looking for candidates and choosing the right candidates for the right constituency.

Bananazą“• said...

hopping over from foongpc. tQ to [deus X machina] and tQ 2u too for the zewtinised points. Very true! good candidate but at the wrong place ~;) tQ

Anonymous said...

Sorry to sound a bit cynical but after all the sophisticated analysis and conspiracy theories about the HS loss, I can't help ask: has anyone ever thought of going to the ground and actually asking the people why they didn't vote Zaid?

When we're comfortable in an armchair sipping tea while tweeting from a hundred miles away, its easy to speculate but seriously, do PR and its supporters actually even bother to know first hand what's in the mind of the actual pakciks and makciks, uncles and aunties on the ground? Have they done a real study before and after? Or was it a case of "No need all that lah. I think I know what's good for them." The fact that they fielded the wrong general shows how much (or little) they understood the battlefield, inexcusable for a party that have held the seat for a couple of years. And with these reasons their ranks and pundits are giving for the loss, it looks like they packed up none the wiser.

I'm a PR supporter, just pissed at how this whole thing went down.

Holden Caulfield said...

Sapphire Dragon:In my writings about post-mortem in Hulu Selangor,I analysed that Chinese community in Hulu Selangor is as same as the rest - they don't depend their economic powerpoints to Federal Govt.Basicly they're self-sustain their economy from small businesses,so they got more focus to national issues rather than FELDA settlers,which rely on Federal Govt when they got no other channel but Federal Govt.

I observes psychological impact on both race - Malay and Chinese in Hulu Selangor.Malay usually living in rural areas,been isolated with news that circulates around country,while Chinese,which staying in small towns like Serendah,KKB or Rasa,has technological and informative impact because internet in KKB or Serendah still accessable.

Therefore,you don't need to be urbanite to accept Zaid Ibrahim,but too rural like Sg Tengi or Kampung Soeharto which is almost 2 hours drive from KKB,it's too deep to penatrate - like I dream to Leah Dizon.

Holden Caulfield said...

Anonymous:I was in Hulu Selangor.I was hands on with the public and chatting around with them.I'm not throwing them with political question like "who's that you going to vote" or what so ever,but I asking a very,very simple question that relevant to them.

"Macam mana harga sawit sekarang?"

And one of them responded "sekarang ni harga turun naik,tak menentu.Kami sekarang harap Kerajaan Persekutuan je".

From there I know which party that they're belonging to.Because their economic powerpoint is Federal Govt.If you study Marxism,Marx simply said "it's material that shaped the society,not ideas".So,PR has throw so many idealistic but yet not pragmatic to them - while BN throwing money and promises that makes me feel more secure.If you're trying to get a clear picture,as I write - comparing Telawi or Damansara with Hulu Selangor is like this:

Telawi is a socialite girl who rather to see facts that you have capability,while Hulu Selangor is like a untrendy nerdy girl like Ugly Betty who never been approached and suddenly been approach by a hunk handsome guy.It's easy to see in psychological way - rather than just analysed with politic terms jargon.

Anyway,in my experience when I hands on in Hulu Selangor,I also found out that PR ceramahs,especially the grandeur one in KKB Stadium,which I attended,most of them were outsiders.People from Penang,Kelantan,Kedah or Melaka.There's only a few people which is voting in Hulu Selangor.Means - you got wrong target audience.While BN penetrates to Felda settlement(they got easy access on that),giving rice,sardines or clothes,it's practical and not so brainy much,after all,thoughts cannot fulfil your hunger - food will.

So next time,PR people should analyse what is their target audience.It's such a waste of time if you bring Santa Cecillia Rome Orchestra to Hulu Selangor while they only know Mawi or Siti Nurhaliza.

Huei said...

THANKS a million for the translation...i cannot agree more with this post!

if only the folks can get better internet connection (got ar?) so they can have a more reliable source of news! then again i think after reading this post, broadband penetration to the rural parts of msia will be put on hold! to them..ignorance is REALLY a bliss =P

gina said...

Thanks for the link. The fler is really funny sial. Made my day! Haha! Years of reading "gila gila" finally paid off. Whatever the dude said, really make sense.

InjusticeSistem said...

TQ zewt....for introducing leah dizon to me....now i hv her to ease my pain from da hulu sgor tragedy...
she is so yummylicious....

fufu said...

even i am now in germany... i still reading this news here and there =p but well really wish BN will carry out what had been promised!

Pinknpurplelizard said...

Hmm... my comment didnt appear. Have I been spammed?

zewt said...

deus X machina - cheers bro.

flaminglambo - i never heard about her until i read that post, good intro eh?

Sapphire Dragon - like what rpk said in MT, the chinese are rather independent with their own economics, hence, they can afford to vote for kml.

Holden Caulfield - selamat datang, Nami. you are right, we can never ignore the psychological and sociological aspects of elections. just like how sun tzu said in his art of war, we must be familiar with the terrain. during by-election, we must be familiar with the "ground". pr needs to interpret that.

day-dreamer - if they dont, then they are dumb.

CiNDi - i think a lot of malaysians know what MP is and what MP should do. but then again, whether they do it and can truly fulfil the role, that's another issue altogether.

UnkaLeong - yup, justlook at the frogs... wrong choice of candidates.

zewt said...

Bananaz - hello there, welcome! glad you agree, hope you've registered to vote!

anon @ 28/4 10.20am - thus, pr really made the wrong move this by-election. i think they have grown a lil too arrogant, something they should address immediately.

Huei - ignorance is always bliss, i am sure you know that right? haha!

gina - yeah man, i wish i can write like him.

InjusticeSistem - did you do anything in private to her?

fufu - well, that is really quite wishful.

pinknpurplelizard - comment again lor...

Pinknpurplelizard said...

Comment again, I shall. Heh...

The PM's kitty helpd to fuel a lot of vote buying esp in the Felda areas. This helped tip the scales of a fair election. Moreover, there being a media blackout on PKR activities, except the negatives, doesn't help either.

Some may remember that ZI wasn't very popular for what he did in the 80s. I was reminded of that the other day. I wasn't aware of it being only a kid at the time. But it seems that many who knew what ZI during the 80s didn't forget. I'm not too clear of what ZI did then.

I'm do want to have a new government and have the blue scales topple but there are simply a few problems with the opposition. PKR seems to be a rubbish dump with many rejects. Moreover there is no proper grounding/doctrine (not sure what word is appropriate) system as most of these rejects just think of power and $$$$. It's no wonder that these guys just come and leave as they please. They go to whoever that can sate their appetites.

Whatever it is, I hope PKR will be ready for the coming elections.

zewt said...

pinknpurplelizard - the media bias was absolutely disgusting. would be interested to know what ZI did.