Friday, 24 July 2009

Just a thought

I was thinking…

If I die an unexplained death… a day before I was to be legally married to the love of my life… who happened to be also mothering my child… and all my loved ones are angry and grieving my death… and that I am a person who walk to the talk as I have decided to commit my career for a political course unlike so many others who only know how to talk and do nothing…

Considering the above…

Would I prefer to be left alone since I am already dead? Would I prefer to hear the “let him rest in peace lah” responses and be forgotten by the time people eat their nasi-lemak / bak-kut-teh next week?


Would I be adamant that those who are still capable of doing something will get to the bottom of things and that I will never rest “in peace” till truth prevails?

I wonder…


joshua wong said...


Another good one. I wonder too if most people would care for the truth or perhaps they care more for their nice little nasi lemak or bak-kut-teh. Maybe that's why we're still a third-world country.

Your post on migration was very eye-opening indeed. Definitely learned something new there.

KGC said...

It's a dillema isn't it, Zewt? Can you let go if your soul is not at peace? You have so much to look forward to.....

I just cannot imagine.

Mei Teng said...

persevere till truth prevails?

pinknpurplelizard said...

The thing is.... Ur dead so how can u care or prefer anything? Wherever u r on the other side, u are powerless to do anything.

This is where others champion on your behalf. They who have respect for u and wish to honour ur death so as to not be in vain and ur name is not tarnished, blackened and/or forgotten.

So what kind of legacy do u wanna leave behind when u die? What is ur story? :)

Jerine said...

no way. no such thing as rip for these ppl. teoh-know-who and MJ - what a good eg

Crankster said...

Shit. That's a scary thought.

Swee Ping said...

A deep thought, Zewt. I also wondering the same thing... i think.. maybe the second point.

Anonymous said...

there ain't much hope anymore for this's corruption to the highest level. Sad isn't it

MKL said...

Looks like you're a little depressed due to recent things that are going on around you. I just hope you find your way and that nothing ever happens to you like the things you mentioned.

Mcmercedez said...

My choice will be the 2nd point. But if you're being a high-profile person, I think die die also you will end up in 3rd point. Example? Take a look at people like MJ and Teoh.. How to R.I.P ler?? Sigh..

In Chinese, "Sei Tou Mm Ngon Lok"..

myop101 said...

actually, whether you have a political career or not, the main thing is, would this person want his/her life to end now if he/she is given a choice?

personally, i would want to know who killed me and why i was killed. and if i know before i die, i would want justice to be served.

the blood of the innocent cannot be spilled in vain...

cheerios said...

i know i'd be virtually crucified but can someone please tell me what happened? i haven't been in touch with the news back home.

The Horny Bitch said...

When u have to go, u have to go! Don't think so much. Things an people will sort things out with time.

Anonymous said...


go comment on australia la....what u care abt malaysia and its people..

Yvonne Foong said...

Zewt, have you read this article in the Malaysian Bar?

That dream tells me that Beng Hock will not rest in peace if we just let the case get closed without finding out how he died.

Even before he spoke in the dream, I was convinced that we must find out.

I think sometimes when another person dies, we can conveniently forget that the person was similar to ourselves. Once a person dies, we unconsciously think that the living and the dead are different and we become less able to identify with them. Once the dead is dead, we catagorize them as something else. But in the dream written by the Malaysian Bar, we can see that Beng Hock is still one of us, just like us, when he asked the person dreaming a random question of concern into the dreamer's daily life.

It puts the life back into Beng Hock.

baLdi MeraH said...

long tyme no see bro

Leno said...

We must come out with a hypotheses to predict the scenario.

Let's put the Hypotheses of

"Teoh is exposing Ronxxx and Ean Yong for their Corruption and linked to Underworlds"

Ronxxx and Ean Yong will definitely try to prevent Teoh from doing that and will threatenen Teoh.

What have you done ! Do not expose us ! I know you are not afraid to go down. We know you are a very principled man.
But sometimes we must be flexible too. You are young ... you might think this is wrong.
But you must consider the whole picture.
You must understand ... what you are going to do ... will destroy us all.
Furthermore, if we going down, you will go down too... and worst, we and the Mafia boss will bring your families down too.
You know what they can do. They are in front of your family house ... right now !
They know where your fiancee live.
If we cannot get them tonight, we will get them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow !

You leave my family alone ! They got nothing to do with this !

If you want us to live your family alone ... you know what you should do !

This also explained why Ronxxx acted very strangely after Teoh death.

If you know T is exposing Your corruption or so-called "SLANDER" you, which will cause you trouble ... how is your reaction when you find out T is death the next morning ? CRY ? SAD ? Or serve him right ?

We can see Ronxxx so angry and sad when he find out T who is going to expose him is dead. Make any sense ? No !

Politics is very dirty, ... do not fall into Politics trap.

I will wait and see. I am not surprised if my hypotheses turn out to be 100% correct.

jam said...

I think the truth is needed in this case. It is a human life that we lose. Imagine if now it is a Malay or UMNO member fall down from the building...

Crankster said...

Leno, I have the truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God) as to why he was resting at the MACC building.

He was afraid that the DAP led by Sifu Ronnie "Slippery Frog" Liu were going to kill him. Unfortunately for him, the DAP are known to be a crack team of ninja assassins. In fact DAP stands for Devil Assassin Pact. They are more feared than the fabled Hand of Kyoto prefecture.

So, while Teoh was having nasi lemak with his protectors the MACC, a team of ninja assassins, led by Tony "Black Fist Dragon" Pua, and Teresa "Mistress of the Killer Thighs" Kok, sneaked into the building unseen. using their stealth power dressed in baju kurungs, they merged with the other staff of the MACC who were milling about at 9 am.

On the pretext of delivering kueh mueh and pisang goreng, they entered the room where Teoh was. But instead of karipap, they had smoke bombs which they threw to distract everyone. Then while Gobind "The Bearded Belly of Iron" Singh, knocked out the MACC heroes with his anaconda squeeze kung fu, the other DAP ninjas struck with the flying guillotine.

Unfortunately they missed and it sliced Teoh's trousers (which is why it is torn).

Then in a final desperate bid Lim "Ancient Tortoise of Death" Kit Siang, kicked Teoh with a special spinning heel backward forward high low chopping and blocking kick which threw him out the window.

That is what happened. Sumpah demi UMNO.

Cindy Khor said...

i would definitely prefer the the 1st. i wouldn't want anyone to grieve for my death or whatsoever. i don't care whether i'm being forgotten, as long as i don't hurt those that love me with their living memories of me.

Anonymous said...

To one of the TWO the ignorant commenters above, you still don't geddit that this is murder, do you? it's not a matter of whether "When u have to go, u have to go!" Let's see what how u'll respond if it's happens to ur husband or son next time.

zewt said...

joshua wong - u sure we are third world? :P

KGC - but sometimes, we have to imagine to have a better picture.

Mei Teng - absolutely.

pinknpurplelizard - well, u know me... zewtinise the whole thing!

Jerine - haha... u know what i mean or not ah?

Crankster - and your thoughts are?

Swee Ping - good choice.

zewt said...

anon @ 24/7 2.34pm - very...

MKL - well, depression is the game in this country.

McMercedez - 3rd point? no choice ah?

myop101 - but some... they want to leave him alone and let the guilty walk free.

cherios - what the !&*@%^!&*(@^(*&!^@^@(..... go read MT lah... :P

The Horny Bitch - not for ppl here though.

anon @ 25/7 7.03pm - interested to know teoh's inner thoughts.

zewt said...

Yvonne Foong - yeah, remembering him will keep him alive in our memories. i think he would prefer that.

baLdi MeraH - yes bro... where have u been?

Leno - hard to believe that hypo... i am sure u can tell my resoning already.

jam - precisely.

crankster - scintilating!!!

Cindy Khor - ahh... to each its own.

anon @ 27/7 5.57am - yup... that's why chinese said... jam em kat do yuk, em ji tong... understand?

-eiling- said...

I'll get the bomoh to find the truth!

zewt said...

-eiling- - and u think it's really that accurate?