Monday, 24 September 2007

Monday with 3 tales

Allow me to quickly share 3 tales with you today…

Tale No.1:

I am currently attending a global tax conference which will last for a week. Just as I got out from my car and into the lift lobby, I bumped into my boss.

“Zewt, my sister in law passed away last Saturday”
“Oh, so sorry. So how?”
“The funeral is tomorrow (Tuesday). With this conference, now I have problem”

One would have thought that the conference is the problem as my boss should be at the funeral. But as the conversation went on, I found out that the ‘problem’ was the funeral. She will not be attending the funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) as she ‘needs’ to be in the conference tomorrow. Apparently… no choice… does she?

I am beginning to seriously considering a change of job.

Tale No.2:

During lunch, I was sitting next to the regional manager of the South East Asia region, she is from Singapore.

“bla bla bla”
“ya ya bla bla”
“Hey zewt, are you going to have a traditional Chinese wedding?”
“No, will be having a church wedding”

At this time, she looked up gave me a rather perplexed look.

“Church wedding?”
“Yeah, what’s wrong with that?”
“Aren’t all Malaysians supposed to be…… Muslims?”

For some very strange reason, this Singaporean thinks that all Malaysians have to be Muslims. Her reason for having such understanding…

“That’s what I read in the news”

I really wonder what kind of message are we portraying to the world at large.

Tale No.3:

Someone pointed out to me about the list of crew members of the Expedition 16.
Expedition 16 comprises of:
Commander – Peggy Whitson
Flight Engineer – Yuri Malenchenko
Flight Engineer – Leopold Eyharts
Flight Engineer – Garrett Reisman
Flight Engineer – Dan Tani

Spaceflight participant – Sheikh Muzhaphar Shukor.

So our hero is a… spaceflight participant
according to NASA website. I am just glad they didn't call him space teh-tarik maker. I am so proud. Aren’t you proud?


tingtitlei said...

eh wtf ? the third one is wrong lah! niasing

its teh tarik maker! HAHAHAHA

imagine the fella pushing the cart yelling "teh tarik, roti canai, roti purrrrr-rata"

Helen said...

Your boss really teruk lar! But then she must be one hell of an asset to the company. lol

Psst, as for the NASA pic, look on the aesthetic side. He's damn cun!

Hey, dun shoot me!

mcass said...

why has people turned so heart harden, a sister funeral beats any talks anytime

though she can't be brought back to life, but , its the respect we show others of how we love, how we lived.

Its like telling others, that my sister dead, and i dun really care cause i have a talk to attend to.

angel said...

Keyword... "in-law"... heh...

Happy Conferencing!

Seok Thong said...

Sure proud. It will be the biggest joke to make the teh tarik in space..Haha!!

Rashikaps said...

Dear Lord! Some people stretch 'Work is Worship' a bit too far. What are we really working for if we have no personal time?

sooi2 said...

my god...ur "regional manager of the South East Asia region" like so so so incredibly stewpiddddddd's not a matter of what's in the news... malaysia is like just a few footsteps away from singapore ok! and to think she's actually "managing" after SEA region...bah.

aSstHa said...

omg... d "zhoi hau yat meen" aso go attend meh? i tink we chinese always say that it doesn't matter if u dun attend a relative's wedding but u must attend the funeral??? last respects la dey... wat's the world coming to... it's like u're telling everyone, "yea so wat she's dead n i hv better things to do then to pay last respect to the dead"... OMG!!!! o.O

on the NASA front... by putting that it's indirectly saying he's just there for the ride no???

maegen said...

yeah~!! at least he is or might be the youngest or the cun one "teh-tarik maker"?? opps.. its spaceflight participant .. :)

Zawi said...

Personally I dont think your boss is much of an asset to your organization. She is hardworking no doubt, but she doesnt motivate others in the organization to be more productive. Her insensitivity to the death of a member of her family doesnt reflect well on her. I guess she will die a lonely death herself with just the hired caretaker laying her to rest.

I dont think it is how Malaysia is portrayed to the world but its her own intelligence that need to be questioned. However high one attain a position in life, ignorance over simple matters like that doest reflect well on her intelligence.

The proponent of the costly space adventure project were angry when Malaysians at large ridiculed and scoffed at the stupidity of the excercise. Now that NASA itself doesnt recognize our participnt as another cosmonaut but rather a spcaeflight participant. It is a confirmation of what we have perceived earlier he is just a space tourism participant, albeit a much more costlier one than a normal space tourism participants.
Save the money and give it to Pi Bani for a better cause.

Angie Tan said...

oh boy...

that's interesting dude. ;-)

anyway, i also gone through something which is making me think about switching jobs too.

oh yea, am thinking of switching countries too. lol!

may said...

hooray for Muzhaphar!! Space Teh-Tariker extrodinaire... ;-)

one of my colleagues commented to me last week, that she thought I was Malay... 'cos I came from Malaysia! hahaha! I set the record straight, of course...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Malaysia Boleh! Boleh! Boleh!!!Apparently erection is sometime next year before april! So in the meantime I will poke less so I will cum big amount next year!So zewt 5 more months to go!

cirnelle said...

My ARK for today: Shall refrain from saying anything bad about Singaporeans (even if they deserve it)

Freethinker said...

u also wanna change job... heehe

Huei said...

hahaha yes be proud!

ur boss should change job! the day she can't make the day to leave!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked to hear that all she thinks of is herself. I do agree and pls don't feel sorry when you announce your resignation (despite what she showers you with prior to that to try to entice you to stay no. Btw, you earned it and it is business!).

As for the perception of all Malaysians are Muslims, I am not surprised one bit since we have continuously announced to the world that Malaysia is a Muslim country. Afterall, a lot of people thinks Middle Eastern countries are Muslim, Western countries as Christian, India is Hindu and Thailand is Buddhist. People love generalisation and simpletons swallow it whole.

H.C. Tan said...

the regional manager said we are all muslims, then why she sumore asked if you having traditional chinese wedding?

and as for our astronaut...our country spend soooo much to get to be a spaceflight participant.. -_-"

Mcmercedez said...

In my point of view, sister-in-law is still someone close to you and being at the funeral is a must. Irregardless of what's happening around them. Actually, the choice is up to her whether she want to fight for it or not.. But she chose to be at the conference.. well...

Astronaut heh? He's more of like going for a joy ride.. If he has a job function, they wouldn't call him spaceflight participant would they? Sigh.. Another stupidity of Malaysia govt.. Just want to show to the world that they also can go to space... Maybe it's right.. He'll be there more of like a flight attendant..

Him: "Excuse me sir, what would you like to have today? We're serving nasi lemak with rendang chicken and maggi mee goreng.."

Engineers: "I'll have the nasi lemak then.. And would you pass me extra tissue?"

Him: "Sure thing sir.. Enjoy your meal"

water_angel said...

Apparently the Russia ppl just let the Malaysian follow into space cos Msia bought some space thingy from Russia...maybe that's why they only call him spaceflight participant lor...*malu*

But I thought they're gonna leave the final list of which Malaysian going til the last minute? =/

me said...

case no. 1: i think the problem lies with yr boss and not the company. she prob didn't like her sis-in-law very much. she wld rather doze off in a boring conference rather than send her sis-in law off on her final goodbye...tells u abt their relationship, doesn't it? what u need to change is your boss' heart.

case no. 2: for a regional mgr, u wld think she has more understanding of her neighbour country's religions. i wonder how she get into that position with such limited brain capacity. agn, not the prob of the news but there is something seriously wrong with your reg mgr...and of region, somemore! i'm seriously worried for your co., employing ppl of such low intelligence.

case no. 3: can't blame nasa. the rest spent years learning abt the do's and don't, are technically qualified and professionals. our rep only learn all he had to know in an express 1 yr course. i wouldn't dare to name him as an engineer either. however, pls educate me on his role in the space programme agn?? why r we spending millions/billions to fulfill one guy's dream of going to space???

me said...

one more thing abt case no. 2, there are also muslims in spore!! hullo??!!! talk abt being blur, she takes the cake.

j or ji said...

tales #1
Dia perlukan CINTA.Tolong berikan dia cinta kamu,zewt.

tales #2
Dia perlu baca blog2 di malaysia terutamanya a.z.a.i.g.

tales #3
Padan muka ko! Nanti balik bumi bukak Teh Tarik Bistro kat The Curve. Tarik sampai langit!

Sunshine said...

wow, this is the first time i hear ppl say, "i cant attend the funeral, i got a training that day.."

like how they reply to a meeting request :P

really heartless...

Jonny said...

1: Yes, change job. Really want to be like her meh?

2: She must be too bz touching herself everyday.

3: haha. clever la Malaysia.

Winn said...

ur 3rd tale is funny!!!! hhahaha:P ops! of coz..'proud' hahah

erinalaw said...

Ya, the 3rd one is funny. But proud also one.

clare said...

Wah! The 'spaceflight participant is good-looking ler. I imagined him to be like that mustached guy Syed Albar. LOL!

For the second tale, I quote you: "We are so fucked!" Hahaha!

Princess Eileen said...

The last one damn funny. I laughing mad... Spaceflight participant... better still when u suggest space teh-tarik maket. Kudos to this post... oh, and ask your boss to find a life... and we all MUSLIMS? WTH

Aput said...

I'll admit the space teh tarik cart pusher has the looks.

As per the story of your boss, well, it's an in-law. Stereotype "in-laws" would probably mean she barely knew her but they hated each other's guts.

Thus the inability to choose.

As for the church story, I think it has more to do with the fact that there aren't many churches in Malaysia.

Some of my Chinese pals in Singapore were really surprised to note that I also attended some church weddings in Malaysia. They have this insane belief that we can't step foot in a church...

Terra Shield said...

Tale 1 is very disturbing. Family should come first, like you always say.
Tale 2 is even more disturbing. Which probably explains why countries start wars against one another.
Tale 3: I must admit I'm dead jealous, if it was just for the sake of making teh tarik, I should have applied too. Anyway, looks like they chose the cuter fella.

rinnah said...

I feel slightly disgusted for the person in Tale 1. If she treats others this way, others will also treat her back the same way when it's her turn to leave...

It goes to show in Tale 2 that people outside have a very narrow view of Malaysia... is that their fault or ours?

I ROTFL over Tale 3... spaceflight participant indeed! Aiyah, just put la... space tourist.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Case no.2 : She is a DUMB singaporean. Thats all. No offence to other singaporeans.

Case no.3 : Maybe we should just support him instead of giving him all these. He is a good guy. He vows to do his daily prayer and fast in space. Good guy la.

Jacss said...

i think yr boss must have slaved too hard to an extend of losing her sense of humanity...gosh, pity her !!!

to yr s'porean counterpart (some more regional mgr ahh?), i would say she has just shame herself....common, she's just a border line away from us only but spoke like someone living "di bawah tempurung", sigh !!!!

Calvin's Wife said...

HAHAHAHAHA... spaceflight attendant, I thought what super duper important job he's gonna have.. also, u seriously need to change ur job, ur working under one roof with a psycho workaholic... tsk tsk

And, yes, people think we are all malays cause we're MALAYsian, so... when u gonna bernikah? :P

Also, Happy Tang Lung Day to you~!!! :D

alan zed said...

1. ur boss need to priorities.
2. the regional boss got it all wrong.
3. angkasawan konon, haha !

ardy said...

Spaceflight participant eh?

Well, at least he gets to go into space, and that is something that none of us will ever achieve, not in this lifetime anyway (unless of course the government organise a lucky draw - vote in the next election, and one lucky voter will get the once in a lifetime oppurtunity to go into space, all expenses paid! Then I'm sure everyone will register as voters come the next election!)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah ur boss is abit gila gila ler..thats just whack!..n im sorry..regional manager not knowing the culture around the region?? omg what has singapore become to?..lastly haha hero = participant.. i wonder if the world pronounce us as hero..wat will malaysia portray us as? god?

Maxforce said...

Tale 1
A friend of mine got to be a junior partner of a Big 4 firm at a tender age of 24 or something.
One unfortunate day, his mother passed away. Instead of allowing him some peace, the office kept calling him etc and pressuring him to go back to office.
He resigned and work elsewhere.
Last I heard of him, he became an MD at the tender age of 30 something.

Tale 2
Ask your Regional Manager, "Which kampong you come out from ah?" :P

Tale 3
At least they didnt put him as space tourist whose gomen bought a place and want to be proud about it.

zewt said...

tingtitlei - also space batu seremban player.

Helen - indeed... te big big big boss said today that he was 'speechless' after hearing the news.

mcass - hi there! i believe not everyone is like that. mainly the older generation. ppl like me... we try to skip work at any chance... :)

angel - the issue is not about the relation. the issue is about how she relates to the deceased as 'the problem'.

seok thong - hahaha... that's malaysia for u!

rashikaps - it puzzles me too. but then again, i think i know why. a good blog topic perhaps.

zewt said...

sooi2 - well... i give her the benefit of the doubt, i dont think she is stupid... maybe just lazy :P

aSstHa - we are really turning heartless. but i think our generation, we wont do that, only the older generation who thinks work is everything.

maegen - so maybe the term 'angkasawan pertama malaysia' should be amended to 'pelawat angkasa pertama malaysia'.

zawi - he is a mere tourist, as his name is going to be be part of the growing list of ppl who 'visited' space. like what i told maegen, he is not an angkasawan.

angie tan - yes yes... switching country is part of my plan too!

may - that's what ppl perceive me to be too... especially the HK people. i think it's just way ppl think, or perhaps our reluctance to admit that we are malay-sian.

zewt said...

hor ny - hahahahahahaha.... cum big big... blast them!

cirnelle - say whatever we want, they still earn much more than us... sigh.

freethinker - for real u know... not metaphorically hehe...

huei - she always choose... her job.

anon @ 9.24am - indeed... i was talking to a kenyan today... he said he cant run at all. and i have beaten a few native chinese in badminton.

HC Tan - good point... i didnt really think of that! shit... i should have busted her ass then.

mcmercedez - i am sure your wife will know that all the old ppl in the company i work in always serve the company first. hahahahahaha... so he is the spaceteward!!!

zewt said...

water angel - shhh... not so loud la... we are supposed to feel very bangga about it u know.

me - case 1: she was presenting in front of the big boss, an opportunity not to be missed. i was also one of the presenter. case 2: i will certainly talk about 'regional position' in my future modern slavery entries. case 3: becos we want to have a 'pelawat angkasa pertama malaysia'.

j or ji - hahahahahaha... good one bro. especially on the teh tarik bit. but then again, we are all paying for it.

sunshine - meeting request?

jonny - change job i will hehe. hahaha... touching herself... u wanna help her? malaysia memang clever.

winn - the first malaysian space tourist.

zewt said...

erinalaw - that's cos we are paying for it right?

clare - we are indeed very fucked.

princess eileen - looks like random mutiple tales are nice eh? hehe... my boss... sigh.

aput - as a matter of fact, i have such thinking too. i once heard of a story where a muslim man refused to step into a christian house. of cos, i may have been generalising too much.

terra shield - tale 1 and 2: what have we become... sigh... tale 3: of cos la... he is supposed to be the hero. and... i am dead sure he will be given datukship.

rinnah - tale 1: i think it's a curse of the asian thinking. tale 2: both i think. tale 3: hahaha... he is actually, participant sounds nicer la.

zewt said...

purple mushroom - hahaha... u have something against singaporeans? case no.3: hmmmm... are u trying to be sarcastic ah?

jacss - someone pointed out... why she ask 'traditional chinese wedding'... wonder why she asked that.

calvin's wife - yeah, that is why i need to get out... both the company and the country. both also starts with C!!! happy tang lung day to u!

alan zed - 1. manusia konon 2. regional boss konon 3. angkasawan konon.

ardy - yeah man... damn unfair... and he is going there cos we all gave him the money!!!

constant craver joe - that's why... out of company and country i must go... hehe.

maxforce - tale 1: what the hell... is he some genius? 24? junior partner in big 4?? impossible!! tale 2: i was so shocked i failed to be sarcastic tale 3: but i think wikipedia is going to put him as one.

sc said...

one word for tale 1&2: pathetic
tale 3? no comments.

MeLiSsA said...

Serious that person who think Malaysian are muslims is simply daft and obviously not exposed to other cultures!

which makes me wonder, does she also think Malaysians live on trees?

Hmmmm.and I wonder.

Kenny Ng said...

Eh... the last one is the one and only not engineer ah? Wahhh... I also an engineer also no chance go to space ah? Haha

narrowband said...

Tale1: It's indeed sad that some people prioritize slavery over family... It's not right.

You don't have to change job, but stick to your principles!

Tale2: I have heard of westerners commenting that Malaysia is a radically Muslim country, and that Malaysians don't speak English. Their perception of Malaysia changed when I enlightened them during one of my holidays overseas.

But for someone from Singapore, I cannot forgive your regional mgr.

Tale3: What has it got to do with me?

Anonymous said...

stupid farklah administration, squandered millions of tax payer money, sending a part time model to space for a joyride.

whisperingshout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
whisperingshout said...

How the hell scientific experiments gonna fit the spaceflight participant's status? I say bring back "batu seremban" and "teh tarik"!!! LOL

Jun said...

well said, zewt, well said.

tale 1: even docs choose to take leave for something as grave (no pun indeed) as a family member's death ok... o_O

tale 2: for some reason, i get annoyed when aussies ask me, "so, are u malay-chinese then?", when they find out i'm from msia. they always assume everyone fr msia is "malay" (no offence).

tale 3: yeah, i'm proud-- at least it doesn't say "spaceship janitor/caretaker/tea-pourer" or something...

zewt said...

sc - 1 word for all: agreed.

melissa - they just might if not becos of my enlightenment.

Kenny Ng - you different mah. haha.

narrowband - i dont think i really wanna work under such superior. seriously looking. as for tale 2: well, we can be quilty too. tale 3: yeah, doesnt concern us at all.

anon @ 9.19pm - calm down my friend.

whisperingshout - hahahaha.. at least that has more malaysian flavour right?

Jun - in relation to tale 2... i think we are very guilty of not admiting to our nationality.... really.

cibol said...

should be proud that we can make teh tarik in space man .. yeah! Malaysia boleh! KMA

Anonymous said...

The M'sian Department of Islamic Development has published a 20 page guidebook on how to practise the religion and pray in space

FriendfromTaiwan said...

Your boss is really quite inhuman, reminds me very much of one of the partners in a certain Big 4 firm i worked for. If your boss is so petty minded the future really isnt too bright for anyone in the department. Unfortunately for some reason these narrow minded, workaholic slave drivers are the ones who rise up to the top in Malaysia

tulipspeaks said...

laughing @ tale 2.

anyway..for the tale 3, i must agree with helen there.. he is damn cun! :D


Pookyma said...

Oi dun caci our hero lar!!!!


Story no.2 is so hilarious

Maxforce said...

Rare exception my friend, rare exception. In fact, he s the ONLY ONE that I know who once made it at such an age.

zewt said...

cibol - i am now just so against him being named as 'angkasawan'.

anon @ 12.20am - thanks for the info.

friendfromtaiwan - she wants to rise but she cant... she has some circumstances.

tulipspeaks - not very handsome to me though.

pookyma - i find it sad... sigh.

maxforce - he must have brought in substantial amount of revenue.

Jun said...

actually, i tell ppl i'm msian-- but they still think i'm "malay-chinese" -_-

Maxforce said...

Coming back to Tale No 3, supposed then at least its not labeled - EXTRA BAGGAGE :P

zewt said...

jun - me too... denial denial...

maxforce - hahahaha... that would be the ultimate.

Tsu Lin said...

Zewt : Re your case #1. Some people needs to reassess their priorities in life. Seriously, zewt.. she is not admirable at all. She needs to understand that she is not indispensable to the company and without her, the company will still strive. No one is indispensable to their companies... (Especially with the shift of how companies work - VSS)

Zaty said...

all malaysians are muslims? heck, that surprised me too. 0_o i wonder what news source she heard/read this from.

and your boss sounds almost inhumane. aih. i once worked for a while at some telemarketing company part-time after spm, and the boss there was SO bitchy, everyone hated her.

i find female bosses, well so far that i know from others that is, unmotivating. like mine, she was always putting unnecessary pressure and condemning ppl, not just on work-related stuff, even on personal things. it's aggravating.

and some of the abangs & kakaks at the workpalce were ike, "hmm.. no wonderla not married yet". heh.

spaceflight participant?... sounds like a kid on a schooltrip or sthg. but they, at least got malaysian in space =)

zewt said...

tsu lin - well, i must say she has positioned herself so high up there... she may think otherwise.

zaty - hahahaha... "no wonder not married". not my boss though, she is happily married. i guess ppl just dunno how to put the first thing first. pelawat angkasa konon.

-Princess Shin- said...

Woah.. Even a Singaporean that lives so near us have this kinda thought about us. what about other countries' people! Its so weird I tell you what other people actually think of us!

Zaty said...

wow, she's married, happily some more? that's a shocker. i guess some people are just dfferent at work and at home =P

zewt said...

princess shin - cant blame them... really... the reason... well, too sensitive to disclose.

zaty - but she did made some mistake in the earlier years of her motherhood... something she is trying to repay... but she just dunno how to draw the line still... i guess