Monday, 3 August 2009

Can you interpret The Sculpture?

When I was doing English Literature in school, I remember my teacher once said that a good poem is one that means different thing to different reader but yet, have a special meaning in the eyes of the poet. Do you agree?

I have put this up before I think it’s worthy for a second appearance. Till today, I still think this is my best piece yet. And in trying to be a poet, I am wondering… how would you all interpret this…


From the ground
That’s where it was first picked up
Clay, made from dust
Something so dirty, most times unwanted
Unaware of its worth

With water, clay was softened
First step towards transformation
The hands provided the effort
From the heart… love and patience
Clay and hands, oh what passion

From mere dust to a masterpiece
Greatness, many perceived
So stood the sculpture for the complete years
That’s when the legacy ended
If only it was avoided

The hands that made it all
Same hands that made it fall
From once placed so high
It was thrown right to the ground
Some parts lost… and never found

A year after, for what was ever after … (supposedly)
The sculpture, the hands miss
Thus they were picked up piece by piece
But some were lost
It was a lost cause

Tried he did with what’s left
The hands did their best
But the clay was no longer the same
Some pieces were missing
Sigh… certainly pointless in pursuing

Passion not faded, but hands were tired
Hurt… from the cuts, those sharp pieces made
Fiasco it is, finally came to term
It was after all, the right judgement
What’s left… only reminiscence

14 Oct 2004

So what is “The Sculpture” to you?

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MKL said...

What I see here is the circle of life, from being born to grow up and die. Or you can associate building a nation or empire, that fails eventually. Or a friendship. It's about change basically. It's about the effort we put in things, the passion and the emotions, and we only have one life time. And when we die, everything's gone, only memories stay. Kinda nihilistic and pesimistic...

It made me emo, Zewt! Thanks, Zewt :P

pavlova said...

seems like it's a tribute to your mom??
good one though...

aShLeY said...

It reminds me of a novel i read during my lit class - The Clay Marble.

_butt said...

it's about the rise and fall of a country. sculpture being the country, power in the hands that shapes the country to what it is today. hopelessness is all we have become. kinda depressing.

pinknpurplelizard said...

Am bizarrely reminded of scenes where statues are pulled down and destroyed. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

human, the builder n destroyer

Kellaw said...

let me guess
mrs ramani...

Fang Fang said...

hey David is supposed to be marble not clay :p

zewt said...

MKL - emo is good... sometimes :)

pavlova - not exactly, this was written before my mom passed away.

aShLeY - hmm... how can clay be marble? interesting.

_butt - hmmm... can do too. good to have this perspective.

zewt said...

pinknpurplelizard - but for what purpose? :)

anon @ 5/8 5.15pm - nice way of seeing it.

Kellaw - who else?

Fang Fang - can also lah :P

Kellaw said...

i cant imagine if the same sculpture were to be replaced by "your teacher" in the same pose. lol. now that's something to think about. hahahaha

zewt said...

Kellaw - gee... u really wanna think about that?