Monday, 30 July 2007

Confession of a brave soul

Ya’ know what? Sending e-mails to the boss after one has thrown in his or her resignation later is a hot trend nowadays. Like many readers here mentioned, people will only be able to pluck their courage after knowing that their future no longer lies in that particular slavery kingdom.

A friend forwarded me a mail and boy oh boy… what an exciting piece! It depicts a complaint made by a person who resigned and just as she was about to leave, she wrote a long e-mail to the biggest boss there is… to the CEO! After reading it, I think she must have been pushed to the limit already. And why I think it’s a she? Well, read it and you will know.

Only specific names have been removed so mind the English Manglish…


Refer to the above matter.

I would like to complaint towards my team leader, Mr. Hated One
(zewt: his name was actually mentioned!! But I changed it la…)

Here are the complaint as below:-

A) From I experienced from him:-

-- He bias to who he like most.
-- Warning me not to approached to get solution of my job matters and chatting with colleagues but he always approached and chatting to the same person who he like most (address that person he like as Ms A because not convenience to perform in letter but can verbally ask from me) many times during BOSS not around in the office
-- Never ever concern any problems is facing among us except Ms A.
-- On last month (December 2006), he order us to bring him a long to appointment with customer at least once. But the most he only follow Ms A. I did ask him before, he said not free and ask other colleague to follow.
-- Said that I lack of product knowledge and will planned give some training but till now there are no training as mentioned from him.
-- Said that I’m not always at my workstation and seldom make outbound calls.
-- I’m the one need to do daily call log and monthly appraisal to him but others they are no need.
-- Everyone need to get his approval to use company car. I wonder why he can’t tell us directly instead instruct xxx to do so.
-- Xxx asked me to inform our sales team that who are after using the company car, must make sure the petrol is still available. So, iinformed him about it and then he straightly judged me the person always didn’t make sure the availability of petrol.
-- I did asked him to apply 2 days of unpaid leave for moving my house but he told me that those sign in contract are not allow to take unpaid leave. But what I had referred to Human Resrouce, said that contract staff can apply for unpaid leave.

From what I heard and know about him:-

-- All referral cases passed to him, supposed he need to distribute towards among his team but he only passed it to Ms A.
-- He did said before the referral cases only will passed to the senior which work more than few months but Ms A haven’t being a month can get referral cases and she became top sales of the month of November 2006.
-- All his sales team’s paid are totally different:- with working experience get low salary, with working experience less but is a degree holder get higher salary but there are staff with no working experience and is a degree holder get low salary, he will give higher salary to the staff he like most.
-- Gossip me in front one of my colleague and said that I won’t be so nice to give back the claim that on behalf of my colleague.
-- Heard that he distributed the name list among us but he give good list to Ms A only.
-- heard that one of the ex-colleague which already tendered her resignation, there are no paid give to her till now. Somemore he pretend himself is a Team Manager and create an excuse for the lateness of salary in. Said that during the Christmas time, he met an accident and need to stay in hospital for two weeks.

Thank you

If the writer of the above e-mail happened to drop by this blog… no offense but you seriously need to brush up a little on your English. Anyway, I must say it is a very brave act. The mail was brutally honest and I truly believe it was written straight from the heart. Of course, many of you will be thinking… what happened to the hated one in this situation? Hmmm… intriguing isn’t it?

What do you all think happened to him?

P/S: Oh, I managed to find out that Ms A is a former air stewardess who has also resigned.


angel said...

Big possibility nothing happened to him? *shrug*

Yes, it was written straight from the heart AND very personal... something just didn't seem quite right...

BTW, the English ... -_-'''

Rashikaps said...
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Rashikaps said...

Hey, I got here first today! yay! :) almost!
I bet the *hated one* was called for questioning and may have had to justify a whole lot. The CEO could have asked for 360 degrees feedback for him and his team.. meaning while he comments on his team members, they comment on him. You know any team leader, boss, person in power - is really as good as his team.
To add - that is if the organization is a people organization, if they care for their people, and realize that people are their true assets.
arrrh! too many conditions here. said...

So nice I am out of the rat race. But yeah, we face that a lot in our work.

But hor, maybe she jeles Ms. A and Mr. Hated One never layan her.

irene said...

I wonder if her letter was taken seriously. It was heartfelt but rather difficult to understand in places... probably would have gotten more attention if it had been written in better English (for clarity and not just good impressions).

zeroimpact said...

I couldn't really care much but then again what she did, took courage, tonnes of it
Anyway, it got quite frustrating as I could not really understand some of the things that the writer tried to bring out, and that really killed to purpose of the letter
If cannot understand then the point is considered sunk into deep sea

zewt said...

angel - what is not right?

Rashikaps - hmmm... looks like you're second... well... let's just say angel was right.

5xmom - maybe... i thought of that too... kakakaka...

irene - from what i understand... nothing happen. the person who wrote the mail resigned and the hated one is still the team leader.

zeroimpact - that's true... now... wouldnt it be nice if the command of english is a lil bit better... and not manglish.

Cocka Doodle said...

The appropriate response from the big boss would be such:-

"Dear Ms X,

First, Ms A has bigger boobs than you do.
Second, your Engrand sucks!!"


Soulblade said...

most probably the letter will go "unnoticed" by everyone, conveniently. coz she/he wasn't THAT important in the company. people are very realistic, if the 'hated one' can get in sales, the BOSS don't give a f*ck about the politics. Why bother? As long as the $$ is rolling in by the bundles, will he even care?

UNLESS, the brave one IS the one whom is/was bringing in the big bucks, then it's a different story altogether.

$$ speaks louder than words.

day-dreamer said...

I'm very sorry to be such a critic, but seriously if I were the boss, I will just click "Delete" after reading. Because of the English... Nevertheless, I salute his/her courage.

Rashikaps said...

lol @ cocka doodle's comment..
You're right - why would the CEO want to upset the apple cart?

Seok Thong said...

I don't think the big boss will do anything too..And i agree with "soulblade"..As long as the money rolling in, the big boss will not care..

I once complain a person in my ex-company to my manager, she didn't do anything too because she said the hated one is very good..bla..bla..bla..

Manal said...

Met (with) an accident?? Karma....that's it.

Come to think of it, u may be the boss of the company but u r slaving for some income from your clients...And in most cases (this whole master-slave chains), there would be victims who moans and whinges and may decide to ditch the place (after which they somewhat managed to gather enuf courage to diss their old master/company begrudgingly). And then there are ass-holes whose role is to disrupt the balance like some virus in the chain (usually comes in the form of a hyprocrite or an arch rival).

So, how many times have u change workplace zewt?

J.T. said...

Will her complaints get noticed? It depends on the boss. If the boss values the workers and profits, he/she would look into the matter. An unhappy worker affects profits in some way.
If the boss only sees $$$, then a letter like that, which is so hard to understand, might get deleted immediately. The boss will not mess with the politics of the office because $$$ is more important. Boss is not worried because people are replaceable - not happy, then leave.

As much as I feel sorry for her, I cannot help but think that her dissatisfaction is more than what is written here. Sometimes personal life problems affect work and work becomes unbearable. I am just guessing. It could be anything. She is genuinely frustrated, for sure.

I had a ex-colleague like that. Luckily I did not have to "compete" with her. We held different positions. I was in admin, she was in sales. She was very bitchy towards her sales team- complained constantly about being treated unfairly among the sales people. I wondered why was she being like that. The boss was very fair to everyone. I found out later that she was having problems at home. She could not take it anymore - unattentive husband, juggling her MBA studies, children and interfering mother in law. Poor lady. Her office environment was her outlet.

So you see, anything could have led to such an action from this person who wrote the letter - not just Ms A and the boss.

P.S. I don't doubt they are bad bosses out there. He could have been one of them. :)

flaminglambo said...

Without considering the manager's side of the story, the best thing is to leave if the fler isn't learning or getting anywhere because when it comes to choosing between employee and management, we all know who wins.

guaisaujai said...

Too bad..she wrote that letter in too personal way~ This letter..all I can feel is just some "small..weak..mumbling" complaining from her that just not strong enuff for a boss to take action. But if the boss is treat workers as assets that help him make money, he should take action, for example, invite this lady to the office again, listen to her, understand the whole picture, investigate and take necessary action....

She didn't provide any strong fact that support her points in that letter. I wonder if this letter was written in "ZEWT" way, it should strong enuff to "kill" that Mr.XXX, haha.

p/s: reading this letter reminds me that I really need to improve my Manglish to English ASAP. T__T

Cirnelle said...

Firstly, employees aren't clients... so, employee complaints gets filed under the rotting box tucked inside the deepest section of an overloaded HR dealing with high turnover. Secondly, even if clients complain, it takes so long to respond sometimes, so... employee lagi lah.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hemm!!!I think Ms A have something 'extra' that the writer don't have.As air stewardess english is better plus she will a lot of extra 'qualities'. In this case the writer sure lost wan!Have a nice day!

me said...

hehe. i promise i'll give more relevant comment today.

sorry i didn't finish reading the mail. the english was so bad, it had me turning and dizzy.

if i was the boss, i'll be seriously put off...not by mr hated one but by this lady. first, i'll be amazed she managed to pass the interview vetting process (what quality of ppl are we employing exactly nowadays? no wonder productivity's low. i didn't get what she was trying to say at all) and secondly by the fact that she's so micro about everything. she's obviously not managerial material. the complaints did not sound professional, sounded more like someone bitching actually. even what was heard and undocumented proof, which is plain gossip, was included...which actually brings down her credibility.

i know i sound tough...but this is how real bosses think. we pay the manager to deal with people like her and little nitty gritty things like this. we are not interested in hearing abt it. we are not interested in hearing abt the personal faults of the manager unless he's pocketing some company money. if you can deal with mr hated one, welcome to the real professional world.

you think the boss will give a crap about this complain? you want to know how fast they'll deal with this complaint? it'll depend on how fast they can press the button 'delete'.

that's the real world.

lingzie said...

woah..what a mail..!!
i did try my best to read what she wrote, mainly because it took a lot of courage to write it and send it. But chances are the boss would probably stop reading after a few lines! because its was confusing, it was petty, she couldn't bring her point across and there isn't any solid proof of those allegations. No boss would waste time reading the whole thing!
In the end her effort would be seen as a frustrated, petty employee who is blaming her failure in her career on the hated one and is jealous about Ms A.

And most likely no action would be taken on the 'hated one'. But, hopefully, the boss may keep this in mind, and observe 'the hated one' to see if there are really any truths to the mail.

Jason said...

Firstly, i can't really understand some of the things in the mail.. england too powderful already! haha.

However, she definitely has some courage to vent out everything in a single e-mail even if most are about personal grudges and dissatisfaction towards Mr.XXX. I don't think any drastic actions would be taken to "bomb" Mr.XXX anytime soon in this world today.

I guess the only thing she could hope for is that the big boss aka Mr.CEO would at least monitor Mr.XXX more now and discover for himself if anything she complained about has truths in them.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Sales eh... if he can perform, nothing will happen to him. If I'm the boss and this guy that got complained is a performer, I will disregard this email.

But really... this is bad english. Again, if I'm the boss, I will be lazy to read on.

Tine said...

I agree with the lot of you - badly written English, whether it's a cover letter for a resume, or a complaint letter for the fact, will most likely be tossed. Doubt it will even go to the management anyway.

Still, as frustrated as the person felt, I really wouldn't do that. There are other ways to let out your frustrations. This shows pettiness on her behalf. I do not know what industry she's in, but in my experience, it's a small world. Word gets around. If your new employer (if you even get the job, that is) catches wind of what you've done, it's going to be hard for you to start on a clean slate, no matter what you do, because to them, you'll always be known as 'the one who complained'. Sad but true.

There will always be a Mr/Ms A-to-Z everywhere. That's why it's called a rat race. Better to outsmart the person in another way than to make yourself look bad in the end.

Anonymous said...

personally, I don't think anyone would care since I suspect the CEO couldn't make sense out of what that person wrote.

alan zed said...

the hated one got issues seriously. and the brave soul got promoted. (in the perfect world la kan) haha.

Huei said...

geez..i bet the boss did nothing! our msian "tidak apa" attitude! >.<

thats y i don't like big co..politikus..bias..yadayadayada..but damn big co gives such great benefits!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im sure ms A must have been "hot"!..cant compare to auntie..tats why auntie not kao kao..

ehon said...

wah! good english.

i think the way it's written is a bit childish.. that's just my opinion. :P it would be more effective if it's written in a more appropriate, professional way..

KGC said...

I bet nothing will happen to Mr. Hated One. The most, he will just be asked to see the Big Boss and be informed of the letter. That's it.

Zewt, one topic you may want to open for discussion - office affair and how it affects the staff.

Sunshine said...

i was lost at the first few lines can't really understand what she wanted to say, it was written way too personal.

she should have focused on the problem rather than the target.

anyway, on another note, during 1997-2000 i had a friend by the same nick as you on icq, not sure if its you :)

cibol said...

i feel for him / her :p good one. the hated one got an eye for Ms A ah? :p ..

what happen to him? - nothing. a big possibility beccause you said last time he and the big boss is so alike

-=SiN=- said...

The letter got no strength, serves no impact,don't have killer point, no specification and date stamp is done either and a hearsay is as good as none. As an employer, I would ignore this letter, simply even if it's true there's no proof or subtantial evidence to lay claim.

think this letter falls under poison pen.. useless

whisperingshout said...

Smart CEO will ask the department's head or HR to do an exit interview.

H.C. Tan said...

the conclusion of the complaint was: The boss likes Miss A and the English is..very..abstract.

rinnah said...

Don't think anything will happen in that co. Life will go on as usual.

But agreed with everyone above... the English is... horrible. I had to try to understand even half of what she wrote. But this kind of English is quite common nowadays. Guess it speaks volumes about our education system, huh?

j or ji said...

i need 1 year leave to moving my house. :)

Nothing happen lah.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

WOw that letter is KILLER! Both the purpose and the manglish. Hehehe!! Good job to the writer!

Pookyma said...

Memang must brush up the english abit...but he/she was totally honest...I admire the writer's courage..

Jonny said...

Agree on the english bit.

In fact, I once worked so near a group of outbound call center sales team and the politics are very turbulent.

Sales people are very talkative and kepochi and their job doesn't require very high qualification. So, they tend to make a lot of troubles.

I'm not demeaning those who work in that field. But it would make a strong point against those who think that nothing is gonna happen to the "hated one".

There was one manager I worked with who had was very bad to her staffs. The CEO received a lot of complains about her.

Eventually, whenever there was a chance for promotion or bigger projects, the CEO wouldn't let her have them.

CEO's aren't all dumb, or else the company would've bankrupted a long time ago.

Elizebeth D.L. said...

That person just got out from school is it? Like this also want to complaint. Her case, is all over in this corporate world lah. nothing surprised... it's "classic".

Corporate world is damn ugly lah, accept it.

and, corporate world damn small, her ex leader might become her client one day, then she will be super cialat.

Helen said...

I'm just curious how Miss A looks like. Former air stewardess eh? lol

aSstHa said...

am agreeing with d lot dat d manager (or PA) wud jz chuck it into the recycle bin. petty, not strong enough points and super bad english (sorry, i'm brutally honest)... a good cause gone down the drain i tink...

food for tot...
err... it's a bit too long... shimmy to my blog to read it instead (*grumble grumble* now i hv to put up a post)

TingTitLei said...

what happened to him?
I think the Ms A case is pretty common right...

Angie Tan said...

Nothing happen-lo....

CEO too busy to answer such e-mails?

*Sigh*... Such is the corporate life.

Seaqueen said...

Woah! I love this piece. Right to the core!

Dangerous Variable said...

The one thing that leave me bewildered is that when people write a complaint about you, they seem to always be in the right and they seem to be like an angel.

Let him who has no sin, cast the first stone.

As an ex-lecturer, I think I have received my fair share of complaints. I was accused by a group of Indian girls of being bias and racist towards them. I was also accused by another group of students for being a prick.

I know I am sometimes a prick but not pricky enough :)

Take it with ease and treat the fella the same as you have treated him. Smile at the fella and then say to him "fuck you" every time you see him.

King's wife said...

I didn't finish reading hard to understand the powderful Engrand. *pening*
Again, we only hear one side of the story...

zewt said...

Cocka Doodle - eh... how do you know the brave soul's boobs are small? dont underestimate her leh..

Soulblade - absolutely!! just like what mentioned in one of my entry... the one about cost centre vs profit centre. so damn true.

day dreamer - hahaha... well, how many of us said manglish was ok when i blogged about it a few weeks ago?

Rashikaps - cocka does have a way of looking at things doesnt he... :)

Seok Thong - i guess u remember my entry about profit centre vs cost centre right? :)

Manal - looks like we all have our roles in the slavery kingdom huh. me? i am currently at my ... 4th job :)

JT - from what i understand, the brave soul's complaint was very real, there was no personal agenda, though it sounded such. as for your ex-colleague, i think ppl should not bring their personal problems to workplace... though it's easier said than done.

zewt said...

flaminglambo - yeah... but not many have the courage to leave. plus... not many have the opportunity to leave. we all kinda... stuck. most of us that is.

guaisaujai - hahahaha... yeah,i was telling my friend, if these points were given to me to restructurethe letter... i think Mr.XXX is dead... hahahaha!! well, we should all improve our english, not just you. me too!

Cirnelle - hahaha... looks like the complaint department here is really useless then. i should ask for a transfer.

Hor Ny - hahahaha... i just knew you will say that. yup... i heard Ms A is much hotter than the brave soul.

me - you know, i was reading the mail from my ex coll sent to the big boss, u know, the one which didnt get much support... that one was written is fantastic english... but i think you will also get dizzy reading it, cos i think it's too long and windy.

anyway, yeah... we all know workers are nothing but sacrificable pawn... at the end of the day, it's $$$ that matters. remember my PS vs CS entry? and yes... delete it was.

lingzie - confusing huh... i need to go through all the comments in my manglish post and see who said manglish was perfectly fine... :P

Jason - yeah, it does take a lot of courage of her. but then again, i think she has been pushed to the limit already. well... i heard the CEO did nothing.

zewt said...

Purple Mushroom - bad english it is. and yeah... money is everything. it's the real world after all.

Tine - oh yeah... no matter what industry it may be... it's always small. that is what many fear... when one is in a particular company, one is afraid to lose one's job... when one has left... one is afraid to offend the ppl in the industry... i guess life just gets better and better eh?

Anon @ 10.00am - hahaha... you're right! i personally think it's such a waste. she should have let me review the letter first haha!

alan zed - but this is no perfect world kan?

Huei - not really la... some big company is big cos they are freaking stingy... squeeze all the employee dry... that's why they are big.

constant craver joe - hahaha... heard the brave soul not very aunty... just not hot enough.

ehon - if only it's written with a zewt taste... haha!

zewt said...

KGC - hahaha... what kinda affair? normal relationship or extra marital? haha!

Sunshine - Hi there and welcome to AZAIG. could be me you know... cos i used this nick since the longest time. and if i remember correctly... i think i started icq in 1997, but i dont use it anymore. i still remember my number though... it's 48667572... is it me? haha!

cibol - this is not the one that i was talking about. it's a forwarded mail.

-=Sin=- - the writer should have consulted you eh? hahaha... then you can plant those points into proper... flyers :)

whisperingshout - exit interview for who? anyway, i think exit interview is a total waste of time.

HC Tan - abstract hahahah!! what a way to say it!

rinnah - definitely. and u know.. when i wrote about manglish a few weeks ago... many said manglish was ok.

zewt said...

jorji - why so long? :)

Nastasshea - haha... did it kill you?

Pookyma - yeah, my hats off to her too!

Jonny - you should go read my post regarding profit centre vs cost centre... then u will know how it works in my company. CEO's job will put the company's interest first... it's his job so cant blame him ler.

Elizebeth DL - hahahaha.... if that happen, i think she might as well resign once again.

Helen - i heard... hot babe.

zewt said...

aSstHa - hahaha... your entry is often really long. will drop by.

Tingtitlei - damn pretty.... in my first company, there was a similar situation... just that it's Ms XXX and Mr A. know wat i mean?

Angie Tan - indeed. but i think she should have done better, should have send the letter for my review haha!

Seaqueen - thanks to you! :P

Dangerous Variable - hahahaha.... fuck him huh. right... fair enough, i guess we were too judgemental. but i did some research before i posted it. her complaints are justified... from what i heard.

King's wife - i did some research before i posted it. her complaints are justified... from what i heard.

conan_cat said...

i also think she's plain jeles lor... keep comparing to ms A nia... haha. and well if i'm really really really heated up until wanna explode i think i will write such letter also lor, but i don't think i'll send it out because erm well it's good just for ranting, but what's the use for sending hate mails to ur CEO complaining about ur boss when you're going to resign soon anyway

dragonkid said...

most bosses are assholes. period.

angie said...

The person who wrote the letter should at least have somebody else proof read it for her before she sent it out, that way, at least the ceo would get a better understanding and perhaps take some precautionary actions.

Anyway, most bosses that I know of regardless of how cold they may seem always take note of cases like this and watch out for ppl like the hated-person mentioned.

Anyway, it's strike one for Mr "The Hated One", if more letter's coming in, there's bound to have some actions taken.

Drama..oh drama..

zewt said...

conan-cat - i guess it all depends on the character of one person. some ppl just want to make a big thing out of it. but wouldnt disagree with her action though.

dragonkid - haha... looks like you have had some bad experience before.

angie - well... from what i understand... the hated one got an increment and upgraded from contract team leader to permanent staff. the rest... all extend probation.

Tsu Lin said...

Don't believe that one should do such things, not very professional and too personal. I also believe that one should not burn bridges, never know when your paths will cross again.

KGC said...

Normal relationship is acceptable. I am talking about extra marital, forbidden, illegal relationship. It is really an eye sore, what more when staff start talking about it....

Alvin said...

Very interesting post. :D Guess what, everyday, i have like 50-100 visitors to my blog....and 5-10% of those came from search engine...with the search conditions ..."how to take revenge on ex-boss?"

Hm..bit scary right?

Stupe said...

if i were to write a letter to my boss (because i can't complain to anyone else, he is the numero uno and i'm the only other guy in office), it would be nastier than this...

may said...

I was gonna ask, "so how? what happened?" but then I read your comment replies, "nothing happened". how typical Malaysian. pahhhh.

Anonymous said...

My Goodness!! That person's English is HORRIFIC!!! She/He will definitely need to brush up on the English skills. To be honest, I don't think I would ever hire someone like that as part of the company's marketing team...damn malu.

cindy said...

Hahahaha! His letter is he's talking to someone in a coffee shop. But anyway, good of him lah for having the guts to write such complain letter.

zewt said...

Tsu Lin - that's true. but then... sometimes, such move can be seen as bold and it might have the opposite effect. tell u more in my next few entries.

KGC - unfortunately... i have not had the privilege of experiencing such. hence, i dont think i will be able to write a good piece. but i will give it a thought, cos i have heard of a few 'exciting' stuff.

Alvin - Hello thinker! welcome to AZAIG. hahahahahaha... speaks much of the way ppl think isnt it? but then again... we dont see any real revenge happeing.

Stupe - Hey and welcome to AZAIG! sounds like you really have a tough life... haha! sorry to hear that. but i am sure the english of your letter will be much better right?

may - worse... he confirmed and the rest of his staff didnt!

anon 3.26pm - you wont hire who? the brave soul or the hated one?

cindy - it's a she.... cant she see the jealousy? :P

kat said...

So a stewardess makes a sexy and favoured employee.. hence the reason you added that in. Just like how a person who doesnt speak perfect English, like maybe manglish or perhaps with an Indian-accent, gets dismissed as being inept... Or how a rich man won't make a good husband...

After one year of posting, we see lots of prejudices around-eh, zewt? ;)

water_angel said...

hrm..the way she wrote it, made me think that maybe she's jealous of all the attention Ms A is having? *wonders*

the english was quite bad, I had to re-read a few sentences a few times to get what that person wanted to get across

YogaJess said...

I wonder if that lady is going to write Mr Hated One a hate mail? Sometimes we need to bring the message across to that asshole people too. Complain to big boss only no use wan.

zewt said...

kat - yup... that's the way of the world. like i said... knowing it is knowledge... avoiding it is wisdom... admitting to is... is maturity.

water angel - yup... poor english, but have to admire her guts. i am not sure jealousy is involved but the hated one... i heard he is really terrible.

YogaJess - apparently that didnt happen. i think it's useless to complain to the hated one. by being the hated one, i am sure he will take it very personally. or maybe... he will just dismissed it. should be... send to CEO cc hated one.

kyliemc said...

omg~she's brave...n pity ms A more than mr hated one..coz who knoes if ms A is really's not her fault if mr hated one likes her unless she seduces him of course...gee,me hope i'll never b in ms A's ppl an impression tht she's not good at work but onli good in using her beauty as a stepping stone in her career

zewt said...

kyliemc - yup... indeed she is. well, i know of a few ppl who actually wear shorter skirt just to get a promotion... that's one of the reality of the modern slavery world.

Jacss said...

looking at yr 70 comments, i was almost hesitated to bother u...just so patient to reply lar u!

but i really wanted to share:
samethg happened in my huby's ex-company. the resigned staff(her) sent out a hatred mail abt d MD & his colony to all of the rest of the e'yees in the company including some in regional office. The MD felt very insulted & to protect his reputation, he actually pursue legal action agst her. But don't know what happen in the end........

As for this young lady, judging by her std of english....i doubt d CEO would be bothered that much, sigh!!

zewt said...

Jacss - hello! i think your husband ex-coll went too far. all these things, if you choose to do it... must do it wisely... cant just blindly do. and cannot be so emotional.