Sunday, 14 June 2009

Eco Enzyme - what I did for the environment which you can do too!

For those uninformed, Eco Enzyme is about using your plant based kitchen left-over such as fruit skins and vegetable roots to create an cleaning enzyme that benefits the environment. The process of making this Eco Enzyme takes 3 months. The best thing about the process is that it releases Ozone (O3), replenishing our depleting atmosphere.

The result is a very powerful cleaning substance that you can use for almost everything and …it’s totally CHEMICAL FREE.

I have just done the harvesting of the enzyme today… have a look…

The big tank that we used to store the enzyme for 3 months

We only used orange peels. The whole thing smells like orange juice. Of course, I don’t think it’s drink-able.

Jules filling up the bottles with the powerful and chemical free Eco Enzyme.

All the plastic bottles that you disposed which pollute the environment can also be made to good use.

The orange peels will be left to dry and we are going to use it as fertilisers. Chemical free fertilisers!

I truly believe that this is one thing we can all do and contribute into preserving the environment. Think about the amount of Ozone that will be released to the atmosphere if we all do a tank?

With this, you will use less detergent which also means less pollution to the environment. Better still, lesser usage of detergents may also results in those manufacturers having to manufacture less. Less manufacturing from the factories also means… less pollution!

For those who want a detailed write-up on Eco Enzyme and how to make it, leave your e-mail in the comment box. Or you can drop me a mail. My mail is at the side-bar.

What are you waiting for? Start releasing some Ozone to the atmosphere today!

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Klaw said...

So my question is, does it clean well?

What if you decide to mix in all sorts of stuff like different types of fruit leftovers? Will that work?

And does it smell funky?

day-dreamer said...

Wow you guys eat a lot of oranges huh!

Lee said...

Some of my cousins are making thsi too.

Lee said...

My mom is also making it. :)
Would you like to share your posts at:

Anonymous said...

Good for you zewt!


Sam said...

Oh so that's what it's called. The instructions on how to make it has been stuck on my fridge for a month and up till now I thought it was like a food pyramid XD

Dan-yel said...

Less manufacture also means less jobs? :) sorry I'm just being a smart a**. :P But honestly it is a very interesting idea.

pavlova said...

yay! good to see you're doing your part in helping the environment.

is there any composting materials available in msia??
it's like soil (that is filled with worms) and you can throw in your vege peels, fruit peels, even paper...
and the worms and soil will do the 'recycling' for you...
that is, if you're not effy about worms :P

Anonymous said...

im doing it and the drinkable 1 2....well some1 said i might b drinking poison as in how can u drink/use something tat left rotting 4 3months etc...hello auntie, i DUN K

use it for hair wash zewt, it did feel softer

-eiling- said...

I wanna know the details please.

Clare said...

Have been using this to clean the floor, toilet, dish washer, as hair conditioner, etc. Effective and cheap! Also made some for consuming wan. Taste like wine :D

fufu said...

yeah good!! save the planet =p

Huei said...

OO! i wan instructions! will send u a mail to request! =D TENKIU for sharing! will do that too..anything for the orange smells soooo good!

Ai Shiang said...

Where did you get so much orange peel? Do you let it ferment for 3 months?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how to achieve this please -, thanks~!

Lifong said...

It's also called garbage enzyme and it works a great deal. However I've read in some reports that it actually releases methane gas which is one of the green house gasses which contributes to global warming.

So I guess, it only reduces the environmental garbage/wastes on landfills and save resources. It's cleaner when it's disposed to the sea/waters after treatment as detergents and other chemicals(which are non-organic) are more troublesome to be treated.

Hehe.. hope i'm not too scientific here :)

charlemagne said...

yes,my aunt and some ppl around me have been producing it since last year. my aunt gave to my mum. both of them really use it to the fullest. washing floor,washing bathroom,washing toilets,even wash themselves! LOL~

and,now my aunt produces the enzyme that is drinkable. it taste good with honey. :)

charlemagne said...

i think the process of drinkable n undrinkable one r different. the one tat can be drunk oso doesnt taste smelly compare to the external used one. haha! may b i can consult my aunt.

lynn-w said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lynn-w said... mom is making that too! She puts all kinds of organic first I thought that the idea was boggie. As do we know for sure what it'll turn out? What if the enzyme turns out to be dangerous to our skin? or body?
But according to my mom, who read from the papers, if it turns out BLACK, it's BAD. Other than that, anything with good colour, is OK.

For cleaning purposes, I heard it has pretty amazing results.

Good post here! Now I know my family isnt the only one making this eco-enzyme. =)

jun said...

How well does it clean???

anyway, i too also want the detail. Thx.

Yvonne Foong said...

Wah! I need to make some for cleaning our house floor with mom's six cats and seven dogs trotting around the whole day!

suituapui said...

The old lady has drums and bottles of that, been making it since last year. Mops the floor with it - but it leaves a horrible stench of rotting stuff. Claims it scares away ants and cockroaches - nor surprised, considering the stink it leaves behind! But I still see them crawling around... Now she's making some edible enzyme - hope she's not going to make me eat that!

j or ji said...

great stuff!

one question? takda ulat ke? after 3 months ...?

pinknpurplelizard said...

The 'juice' looks like miso soup. LOL

My family throws all our vegetable/fruit and most other kitchen wastes in our many compost bins.

zewt said...

Klaw - it does clean very well. how it smell depends on your fruit composition. try not to mix.

day-dreamer - not my own supply... my mom in law got help from a restaurant.

Lee - hello and welcome! you should be making it too! how to share it?

Rin - :)... thanks.

Sam - hey, get moving then... dont just leave it there.

Dan-yel - hahaha... well, let's focus on the environment first. those laid off can go work for environmental preservation companies...:P

zewt said...

pavlova - nope... that part we are not there yet. but interesting idea though.

anon @ 15/6 9.24am - really? let me try the hair washing bit... hehe...

-eiling - sent.

Clare - thanks for the mail.

fufu - hope you are too.

huei - dont make my mail sending effort in vain ok...

zewt said...

Ai Shiang - help from a restaurant :P yeah, let it ferment for 3 months but there are something u need to do in between.

anon @ 15/5 9/41pm - sent... :)

Lifong - well, some quarters are saying that it will release O3. i think will have to research more. but i will be surprise the bad news come from detergent companies hah!

charlemagne - i am going to make the drinkable one soon too. just got the instructions.

lynn-w - so mine must be very good cos it's all orangy! hehehehe...

jun - you have to leave a mail or drop me a mail since your profile cant be viewed.

Yvonne Foong - hahaha... want a free bottle?

suituapui - hahaha... i am going to make it, clare sent me the instructions.

j or ji - takde... eh, your sis also made some in the office that day.

pinknpurplelizard - compost bins?

pinknpurplelizard said...

Compost bins to make compost. Compost = organic fertiliser

Anonymous said...

Great. Can I have the instruction and how to use it. Email to


zewt said...

pinknpurplelizard - ohhh... certainly better than those chemical based type...

anon @ 20/6 11.53am - sent... hope u got it.

Anonymous said...

Just a short note. Ozone at low atmosphere brings more harm than good.

"Due to the strongly oxidizing properties of ozone, ozone is a primary irritant, affecting especially the eyes and respiratory systems and can be hazardous at even low concentrations."

Plasma speakers are known for its sound quality but also produces Ozone, and if it is left on indoor for a long time, it will harm human.

zewt said...

anon @ 30/6 10.33pm - shite!!! will certainly take note of that! thanks for the info.

Dawn said...

Hi Zewt,

Could I have the instructions on how this eco-enzyme is made?


zewt said...

Dawn - would love to... your e-mail please?

Anonymous said...

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Hi, Zewt, it's gr8 catcha Ur blog on Googling,,,lol,,
I'm really interested in Environmental issue, as I joined one of Env.Org in my University "EYE CARE" (Environmental Youth Envoy) in BOGOR AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY (IPB) - INDONESIA, my senior introduced about Eco-Enzyme which easy-made and used with high benefit both environmental and economical cases. So that I'd You to help describes more about Eco Enzyme,,,,Your kindness is exactly being wait....

zewt said...

HIJJAZONE - hey there... dropped you a comment already.

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