Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I did it... again!

It has never occurred to me that Putrajaya is that hilly. Up a steep slope… down… then up again… and down… I should really put some gradient when I run on the treadmill.

And I still don’t quite understand why the roads can never be close for an official run. Man and machine on the same road --- 2 lanes for cars, 1 lane for runners. I suppose it sort of added a Malaysian flavour into the run.

Was so afraid that my calf will cramp up like the last time. Thank God for holding my calf muscles together. No cramps at all this time round. I think the Phiten necklace that I tied around my calf helped as well.

Managed to chip 4 minutes off my Singapore Stand Chart Marathon time … Yay!

P/S: The lack of blogging is due to a very screwed up internet connection, it just go down every night during “prime” internet time. It’s like there is a conspiracy to stop me from getting on the net at night…

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missironic said...

Wah.. another marathon! Hebat! :D Now time to rest, cny coming ler! ;)

MKL said...

Marathon man Zewt! Wow, bro. Give me a little piece of your intellect and stamina and I will be perfect :P

Oh no.. check your walls, they may listen. Their ears are besar :P

sabrina said...

Man i really admire people like you

I'm averse to running or jogging cos i'm afraid all that bouncing up and down might dislodge my kidneys


Life for Beginners said...

Oh gosh, another marathon? Salute, man! :)

(Me, I'm trying to do more than 2-3 rounds of the KLCC Park pun susah...)

Kimmy said...

A friend of mine had been persuading me to join marathons. Not mentally prepared for it yet. >_<

Faisal Admar said...

congrats bro :) how i wish i could a medal too

InjusticeSistem said...

* Applause *
Apparently u stl hv plenty of energy after those daily 12 hrs rat race

Acute Critique said...

wow. congrats! =)

emailed u the details.

hope to hear from u soon.

Crankster said...


ronaldo said...

next time, dribble a ball as well.

eiling lim said...

congratulations on completing the feat.

jam said...

Congratulations! And a Happy CNY 2010 to you and family!

zewt said...

missironic - haha... rest over.

MKL - your BM is not too bad eh?

sabrina - i tot you will say it will dislodge your twins.

life for beginners - haha... dont worry, you can do it. you just dunno it yet.

Kimmy - start with 10km then half first lor.

Faisal Admar - i am sure you can. badminton medal!

zewt said...

InjusticeSistem - need to release stress mah.

Acute Critique - got it.

Crankster - thanks.

ronaldo - can pokai if i do it :P

eiling lim - thanks... hard work.

jam - same to you!