Thursday, 28 February 2008

One last take

I just finished viewing a few video clips from and I strongly encourage that you will also have a peep. The interview with Azmi Sharom and a talk by Harris Ibrahim are the top picks. As I will be without internet access for 2 weeks beginning Saturday, I am going to miss all these updates. I will even miss the election results.

Anyway… a lot of my friends (those who are voting) believe that BN will be denied a 2/3 majority. Harris Ibrahim, in his talk said we should think positive. He believes the opposition can form the next government! However, Azmi Sharom, in his interview with Malaysiakini thinks otherwise. The same view is shared by Tricia Yeoh, the Director of CPPS.

What do I think? Sad to say, I share the same sentiment as Azmi and Tricia.

If you have been wondering around the blogosphere, you must have read about all sorts of dirty tricks done by u-know-who to ensure that u-know-who will continue to stay in power. Using
phantom voter is the most preferred strategy. Others include moving voters to other voting area in the very last minute and sudden disappearing act for genuine voters. I don’t need to link the articles. If you have been reading, you will know.

I just heard that a lot of opposition candidates are also dropping out. My friend suggested that they may have been threatened or being offered some ‘sweets’. Oh well, everyone has a price. Some are just more expensive.

And I would like to mention about the bunch of people who not too long ago were very gung-ho about creating awareness and sending petition, etc. etc. I wonder what is the update of that thing? And this is really the time we can really make a difference, wonder what they are doing? I guess they have gone to their respective ‘Malaysian’ way already. Jlshyang, sorry I have to take a bite at this… you know me.

Of course, those who are not bothered to register to vote because they just don’t want to get involved or they think casting a vote means they are involved in politics or for whatsoever reasons. Whatever it is, I just think they are contributing to the downfall of this country, indirectly.

Also deserves a mention are those who will vote BN believing that BN is the only party capable of leading the country. I think I spoke to someone of that nature this morning. He said he prefer to place his bet on the winning horse. What he doesn’t know is that the owner of the horse will take all the winnings and just say thank you to him. Worse, the winnings are probably his money.

With so many shit happening, I seriously doubt that BN will lose a 2/3 majority. So yeah, they will be in power again and they will have the right to amend the constitution as and when they like. The shit will continue. But then again, I think another 5 dismal years will really send the country into abyss.

Oh well, I am going to migrate anyway so what the heck… to hell with this country.

Vote wisely… err… I mean… no need to vote la cause we are all doomed anyway… and we all probably deserve it…


Hor*ny Ang Moh said...

Well! Wish u the best in ur new home! Over here I have no choice but try my best & throw back a small 'star fish'!!! Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those "Barisan has the better track record" or "Opposition has no experience" ppl really get me hot on the collar.
But this is life, I guess. If people don't want to change, no one can force them. But down the road, they will continue to see where it brings them. Also, these are also the same people that bitch to you about the problems in the country.

Huei said...

" those who are not bothered to register to vote because they just don’t want to get involved or they think casting a vote means they are involved in politics or for whatsoever reasons."

i'm not one of them ok!!! =P i just procrastinate way too much

when i read the news about the "unbalanced scale" has already won 10 places..i knew for instant that they were either "bought" or threatened

gawd screw the cunt-tree!

frostee said...

I guess you can't help but to feel pessimistic about how the results would turn out right.

I agree that at the rate things are going, the next 5 years, there ain't nothing much left cos the country has been raped left right and center.

Migration is way up there in the to do list.

Oh... enjoy your trip away!

_butt said...

you don't love your country anymore? :(

oh well, have a good trip anyway :)

PabloPabla said...

With one-sided mainstream media showering roses on BN's achievements and echoing their achievements, I won't be surprised if the majority of Malaysians are still fooled into believing that BN is fit to govern this country. That, we can't really blame them because they might not have access to the internet where BN's failures, weaknesses and dirty-tactics are exposed. On that take, notwithstanding my vote going for the opposition this time, I still doubt that we are able to deny a 2/3 majority for BN. Perhaps in the next GE, it would be a realistic expectation as more people would be exposed to internet.

Have a good and safe trip Zewt! God be with you!

Chan Raymond said...

What's all the talk about people who are not bothered to register to vote and in the end you say "no need to vote la"?

That's a little contradictory, no?

economist said...

Even if opposition fails to deny BN 2/3 majority i hope at least some INTELLECTUALS get appointed MPs rather than some dungus who cant even speak english

awindshadow said...

Same reason as why some long time jailbirds cannot live outside the prison. Their mind and soul have been institutionalized.

There are still people in myanmar believe only the murderous junta can govern! No surprise to find similar 'jailbirds' among us.

Anonymous said...

Though the future looks bleak, we cannot just surrender and give up. We need to keep the spirit high and encourage others to at least try. For those who have the opportunity to migrate, it's easy to say just let things be. What about those who have no choice?
Are they supposed to remain sitting on the fence and let these people trample over them?
We owe it to those opposition parties who have made much sacrifice to help us voice our frustration. Most of them could have a comfortable life if they chose to walk the other way.
They do not have sufficient funds, machinery and media.
Everything is on their own accord. They are in constant fear for their own and their family safety e.g. ISA.
I went to listen to Jeff Ooi's ceramah last night.
He lost his voice and he lost a lot of weight too. Yet he still spoke eloquently and pleaded us to vote for CHANGES. The least we could all do is to spread the word among our family and friends especially those who do not have access to internet.

Anonymous said...

u know zewt, i feel as strongly as you are on this issue. i m also very annoyed with those who whine but not doing anything about it. sigh...

Tipu Tapi Benar said...

Join Parti Undi Rosak ( or Nenek Maimun's Party!

Luke Skywalker, there must be balance in the Force! Together with all the Jedis, we can make it happen!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

You sounded really frustrated in this post. Cheer up la. Opinions are like asshole. Everybody has one.

Hope you enjoy your honeymoon in Europe. Have fun!!!

anthraxxxx said...


I think zewt was just being sarcastic with that remark.

Chan Raymond said...

Thanks anthraxxxx, I sure hope so too.

jun said...

Owh! Your post made me so moody now. How i wish I can cast a vote for this year GE but i can't! Still under age. I clearly know who will i vote for, definitely not that "dancing"!

If the BN win or can be deny for 2/3 majority I really dont dare to think for our future anymore in this country.

Anonymous said...

I hope your remarks are out of frustrations. If it is, it is a poor choice of words. Very few people are lucky like you who have the option to get out of the country and hope for a better life. There are millions here eking out a living, single income families with several mouths to feed.Do they have a choice? Do they deserve it? It is easy for you to lament in the comfort of your home, far away from home (if you still call Malaysia home), enjoying holidays and fine dining, nary a care to the people you left behind here. Think of your family you left behind. Do they have a choice? Do they deserve it? Think of the Aung Yang Suu Kyi and the Benazir Bhutto's (although I do not agree with her politics) of this world. They can choose to be like you and enjoy a good life in UK but they chose to go back and pay for their lives to make a difference for the people of their countries. Suu Kyi spent 18 years under house arrest. Benazir paid for her life even though she knew the risk of going home to fight her cause. The Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Karpal (in wheelchair), Jeff Ooi and many more do not have to do it for us. They are all successful in their respective professions. They can choose to retire blissfully and don't bother. The least we could do is to support their cause by exercising our democratic right. Let's not let their fight and struggle for justice be all in vain.

Mcmercedez said...

Hi zewt.. How's life? In this topic, I dun think BN will fall coz government mah.. How can a government fall, right? But for definite, they will face a very stiff competition from the opposition.. as i heard, a lot of people are not happy with things happening here.. the first issue will be the racism issue.. in Klang, they have torn down a chinese and indian temple each without giving notice and the people there are really pissed off.. So let see what happen next.. hehe..

suituapui said...

Gosh...2 weeks without zewt!! Imagine the withdrawal symptoms!!! Well, in response to ur post, "I always complained that I had no shoes...until I saw a man who had no feet!" Count whatever little blessings, whatever little wonders that come our way, always look on the bright side! "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. be happy! (DESIDERATA)

sharlydia said...

I think i have to agree with u coz we all know u-know-who has been doing or will do many dirty tricks to win this election, so we will continue to live in this shit...BUT nevertheless, am still hoping for some miracles to happen!

myop101 said...

haha zewt,

i know you are frustrated too. nevermind la... use this tool to keep venting.

all the best...:)

svllee said...

keep on smilin' Zewt and enjoy the 2 weeks!

pavlova said...

(In response to the anons. above)

Well, this might sound calculated, but if there are reasons and if there is hope that the people would rise up to the challenge, I am sure there would be more people that are willing to go back home and fight for the cause like Aung San Su Kyi and Bhutto the likes.

The monks were willing to sacrifice their LIFE for her. Their LIFE man.
Life !! Have you seen the pictures and videos of their sacrifice??? Have you seen how they were beaten and KILLED??
Can you say that these can be applied to the situation back home? Are people willing to sacrifice THAT much??

The closest that we had back in Msia was the Bersih and Hindraf rallies, which I admit are equally touching, but I'm not sure if they share the same amount of passion.

Yes, there are a small number of people who are willing to go great lengths to bring change to this country.
But if you still have people who don't want to vote because they're afraid that it'll affect their rice bowl, that means those efforts alone aren't enough.

I don't think those who go away and never come back should ever deserve to be labeled unpatriotic (or having an easy life, whatever you may call it). It's not a very comfortable choice to start a new life all over again in a new country. Different rules, different culture etc applies.
The older one migrates, the harder it is for the adaptation. So it's not because we ran away just because of better money, better prospects.
Things are NOT working out back home. Let's face the truth, they just aren't. Some have even gone back and tried, but they failed nonetheless. So people rather take shit in these other countries than to take the shit back home and not get supported by family and friends.

How many families IN ACTUAL FACT would support one's son to be doing the things like Nat Tan does?
How many are willing to be that forgiving and supporting?

So do look at the other side of the coin before fingers are pointed too.

zewt said...

hor ny - thanks... happy throwing...

Klaw - dont u just hate them... sigh.

huei - hahaha... janganla always terasa... i am not talking about you... but u can always feel guilty.

frostee - yup... top of my list too. really feeling negative about the results.

_butt - i love myself more :) not prepared to die for this country... not yet.

zewt said...

pablopabla - i will stil be around till the end of the week. i just dont want to touch on politics anymore...

chan raymond - hi and welcome. yeah, i am contradicting myself... but i meant the other way round.

economist - that is a plus point indeed.

awindshadow - we would rather stay in the comfort zone i guess. hope is all we have... very slim.

anon @ 12.05pm - i seriously doubt he will win, though i think he is will make a good MP. i think this election came too early for him. the next one perhaps. but it could also be too late.

siew - dont we all... is there hope then?

zewt said...

tipu tapi benar - hi there. oh... sounds interesting. i will check it out tonight!

purple mushroom - hahaha... opinions like asshole... something like restaurant... u really metaphor queen.

anthraxxxx - ahh... those who truly understands me...

jun - there is future... just a bleak one... very bleak one.

anon @ 3.26pm - it is frustrations indeed. once in a while, my emo takes over, very seldom though. i wanted to go on the rage path but decided otherwise.

zewt said...

mcmercedez - life has been good! hehehe... cos not in bolehland mah.... yeah, let us see how the ppl react to this...

suituapui - indeed... being contented is one thing... being ignorant is another. i am still around till the end of the week.

sharlydia - we can only hope and pray.

myop101 - cheerss...

svllee - will still be around a bit more :)

pavlova - well said indeed. like i said... home is where the heart is... but is home where the future is. the place we choose to ply our trade and efforts is our divine right. we are already denied some of our basic rights back home... we should not deny ourselves what is rightfully ours... the right to move. and of cos, just like u... i salute all those brave souls out there who, despite their numbers... are making a difference...

-=SiN=- said...

as I was driving home today, I can't help to notice all the banner, poster and etc etc is erected, hung and stick on to every corner and iron pole structures along the road. Even roundabout also kena; imho it hazardous..and it got worse when everyone tries to oust eacht other in 'Display War'

The thing that come in my mind is : BN 'a party of 3 ummo,mca,mic'
against DAP, PKR, PAS etc etc "whether these independant party forms a pact or not, the ballot count is individual per each party"
-unless someone step forward to ganged up the vote ballot to a single 'opposition' party.. I believe the end result is obvious.

Don't qoute me.. just my thought; there no unification strong enough to oppose the present.

As for myself..Sorry to say I fall in ur '7.5m' category :x

svllee said...

Zewt, ok then , lets meet up again before you leave! After the election I suppose. Can do post mortem. I thought Haris's speech was brilliant. Wish I was there to hear him live.

bridget said...

to be honest, i actually fear another may 13 if BN lose /3 majority. when i was a kid, BN lost my hometown's seat to the opposition. there were chaos, riots and fights almost immediately. now i'm in my late 20s, that memory is still clear in my mind. i am a chinese woman staying by myself. yes, i hate the corruption and the special privileges to them. And them calling us the "Others". but am i prepared for such instability again? and fear for my safety? i am not sure.

william wang said...

Why so negative, my friend, stick around, these jokers will surely provide you with ample ammunition.

zewt said...

-=Sin=- - hey... that is a very good idea. they should all round up and contest as barisan rakyat!!! damn, too late to change that now.

svllee - dont think i can... if anything, see u in KL.

bridget - i know what you mean. fear has gripped us for the longest time. but i think it's time to put fear behind and face our future... with faith. we cant live in fear for all time. let the opposition win and those causing riots will be put in prison, where they belong...

william wang - hahahaha... sure mate. when i return... no more target already.

Huei said...

hahaha cos i know i am guilty =P

but i'm so rebellious..cos some idiot came along and started "lecturing" me..thinking he's a saint cos he's registered to's the election period..and what do we hear? the loud silence....takut mati ma!

jlshyang said...

The petition thingy will commence after the GE. There's no way we can compete with the GE for publicity. lol.

I would love to do my part as a responsible citizen but heck i'm thousands of km away frm home and i don't think i can even excercise my right to vote as a Malaysian citizen here. They said only JPA students can vote or something. Sigh.

The political scenario in Malaysia is so screwed to the point that i'm getting fed up with it. Jeff Ooi is such an inspiration though, i hope he wins his seat in Jelutong, Penang. My maternal grandparents and relatives still live there.

bongkersz said...

i hope you are wrong dude :) else i will be dishearted i maybe need to find something else to do. maybe writing about porns. rotflmao! migrating? do not have the opportunity yet, well will seek for it. enjoy your time off zewt :)

Susu Kacang said...

hey zewt, take it easy....the way i see it, you have done your very best to remind us our voting right. enjoy your weekend!

so let us not forget the song:
"mari lah mari...pergi mengundi...(forgot lol)...kewajipan untuk negara."

jEt said...

i guess no one can stop what's going to happen but we shall just do what we supposed to do.

Unfairness and unhappiness has always been around us since we are born. We are never happy of the way we are taught at home, we are always envy of others instead; in school we always acting rebelliously because we hate the school rules and the quota system; in work, we hate the company's policy and the politics around; in our country we never liked the way it is ever since we got our independence because we are all put in diff races instead of being united as a Malaysian.

If only, we were treated as ONE from the very beginning.

a good leader always listen to his followers, only then we can all work as one team. But what did our leaders do? they shut our mouth right away! So, how far can our country go? i dunno...

All we can do is, pray to God for a change. Have faith in God, in yourself and your country too! ^^

pikey said...

oh well, even if Opp can't get 2/3 in the Parliament, I hope there will be more Opp seats in it and voice out our concerns.

zewt said...

huei - your fren is an idiot la.

jlshyang - i never doubt your heart my friend... but some of the rest...

bongkersz - looks like u wont be writing porn after all... haha...

susu kacang - hahahaha... i was just singing that!

jEt - well said my friend. indeed... God has answered our prayers... it is now up to us to contribute to the change.

pikey - well... dreams come true.