Sunday, 9 October 2011

Malaysians react like dicks to BN and pussies to PR

C’mon, you and I know it.  Dicks are easily aroused.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the girl or the girl is a total bitch.  Just an extra bit of cleavage or a skirt that is an inch too short till it shows some knickers, some dicks get steamed.  Yes, steam… the Malaysian way of referring to an erection. 

And that is how most Malaysians react to BN, just like dicks. 

It doesn’t matter how much BN has screwed up the country, but just some sweeteners… hmmm, steam already.  Take the recent agreement to form some committee to review the electoral process… wah, check out the reaction in facebook… all dicks got hard.  I even saw a comment saying BN has finally woken up and will reform.  No need to know the details, just one announcement is enough to make you steam.  See now what entailed out of it…

It doesn’t matter whether they spent MYR1.8b in a facebook page or wasted MYR12b+ in PKFZ or going to spend MYR5b on a mega structure (is this still going on?) or blew the budget in building the palace and a whole fucking long list of fucked-ups.  Just announced that there will be no toll during Hari Raya… steam! Everyone happy…

For those who received tax refund earlier in the year… for perhaps a couple of hundreds, or maybe slightly more than a thousand bucks… wahhhh, steam until without fucking also can cum.  I actually saw a few comments saying… if govt refund me every year, I don’t mind voting them. 

It’s like to some dicks, don’t even need to show cleavage… bra strap also can make them steam already.  No need to reform... just show indication of reform... everyone will support BN for sure.

Ok… some may say credit should be given when credit is due.  I agree.  But the thing is, most Malaysians react to PR like pussies.

C’mon, you and I know it.  It can be quite a task to make a arouse a pussy.  The environment must be right, maybe put on some music, maybe also need a romantic dinner before that, you have to say the right thing and of course… you need to touch the right place.  Your fingers require great skills… maybe some tongue action… a lot of effort.

But just as you get the juice flowing, you called her Evon when her name was Elaine… boomz… all your efforts gone. An absolute FML situation.

And that is how most Malaysians react to PR, just like pussies. 

Recognised by the Auditor General as the most efficient state, achieved a very rare surplus budget, high level of investment, the chief minister travels with AirAsia (yes he did), the chief minister eats at coffee shop… all these are expected, nothing out of the ordinary.  But just one fuck-up… Kampung Buah Pala… ohhhh… PR cannot rule, PR don’t know how to rule, etc. etc.

Subsidised water bill, management of all the abandon projects, initiatives to help the poor and a whole list of things the Selangor state govt has done where BN will never do… all are expected.  But, just 1 church raid fiasco… ohhhh… Selangor state govt losing grip… ohhh… Selangor state govt cannot rule… the pussies get turned off.

A whole long list of qualified, competent, willing to serve the people type of MPs as compared to those on the other side… and then you have 1 or 2 who came out to make stupid statements… ohhh… PR in deep shit… ohhh… PR not united… ohhh… PR just like BN.

A promise of a clean govt, open tender, cleaning up of the judiciary... which we ALL wanted.... but just one dispute on hudud.... damn, the pussy is dry already....

On that note... any BN govt dudes reading this post... don't need to millions to all the public relations company to boost your image.  Employ me... I charge 10%, and I sure know how to make all these dickhead steam until XXX you in the ballot paper...

For PR fellas... too bad, you're fucked... you know hard it is to please pussies... metaphorically speaking of course.