Sunday, 10 July 2011

She who walked on behalf of Malaysians

My initial intent was to blog about my experience of gathering with fellow Malaysians at Hong Lim Park, Singapore - some 150 odd of us congregated in solidarity of our comrades back home.  Yes, Malaysians all over the world were allowed to gather peacefully - except for 1 country... the home country.

But that has to take a backstage, for a woman is now the Malaysian Lady Of Liberty. The name is Annie Ooi (hope I get the name right) - who defies the saying "the spirit is willing, but the body is weak".  For her, both spirit and body are as strong as ever.

While millions only dared to stay in front of the computer checking facebook updates, Annie endured tear gas and water cannon - for she was deemed as a threat to national security.  And in a way, she endured all that on behalf of us all.

It will be my honour to one day shake Annie's hand.

BN Govt - the mainstream media may protect you, but in truth - you're truly fucked this time.